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You're right, they do cancel each other out. It's like you're wearing nothing at all.
@Francks has quickly become one of the most consistent solid posters in these parts. Last two fits were on point.   Liking that jacket a lot @Auximenes. Which model of Zam pants are those?
All you people complaining about USPS should try moving north and dealing with Canada Post.
Latest obsession: finding the poetry in English translations of listings for (probably fake) items on Taobao.  [[SPOILER]]
Congratulations on the engagement! As for those contemplating, I highly recommend it if you got the right person. Being married is awesome.
One from the other day. It's nice when the road salt is worn down enough to be able to wear decent boots again.    [[SPOILER]]
I got the pants for this Ann Demeulemeester fw11 jacket a while ago, been on the lookout for this guy for some time. Very stoked.  
Your best bet would be to post this in the thrift thread, but even there I'm not sure you'd have much luck.
Happy new year guys!   [[SPOILER]]
 Ha! A few weeks ago a clerk at the liquor store made a point of telling me Nevermind was one of his favourite albums. I'll take it. Oh and belatedly, merry Christmas to all, and an early S'novym godom to those behind the Iron Curtain.
New Posts  All Forums: