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  Meanwhile, in the Midwest...   In other news, absolutely zilch over here as well. But I did discover my fat white boy legs do NOT fit into j-pants, even if they're on sale.
It's amazing how quickly this thread devolves in the absence of actual finds. It's like StyleForum's Lord of the Flies.  
Those jeans do look kinda wack, just the label porn I guess.   On a related note... I thought Prada always had a black content label with silver writing overtop the white content label. Someone want to school me?    
QFT x1,000,000   Leafs fans actually make me hate hockey.
People from Toronto often suffer from delusions with respect to hockey. For me all this means is the lockout is no longer a story... boo.    Now then, serious question: Are the glory days of Robert Graham shirts cleaning up on the bay over?
    I've found a non-licensed Lanvin suit in the wild. Honestly, it was just a nice suit with a slim cut. Lanvin tailored clothes used to be made by Canali and are now made by Caruso, so look for the same things you would in any suit: soft fabric, canvassing, pick stitching, etc. If it's stiff as a board and with lapels at your nipples, it doesn't matter where it was made.   Or if you really don't trust your hand on suits, open the jacket up and look to see if the content...
  Define 'good'. Good for you to wear, or good to flip? If it's an old American-made Gant shirt in good condition, it'll probably be good to wear (collar looks a bit huge though). Probably won't flip for much though.
Heh, I just wanted y'all to know about it before PTO blew the spot. Don't think any of that stuff was part of the much-publicized 'Winter Sale.'
  Let's keep this talk out of the thread.   You'll have a PM from me shortly.   Yes. Especially if the inseam is 32 or longer.     Bastard.
Little PSA - there are some nice shoes going for half off on BB's website right now, including these C&J PTBs.   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Peal-Co.%C2%AE-Plain-Toe-Bluchers/MH00065,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00065_Color=DKBR&contentpos=21&cgid=0522
New Posts  All Forums: