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Hmm, the tag sure looked a lot like a newer Canali tag to me. And it was definitely a recent piece, and fully canvassed with pick stitching. Might go back and pick it up... if it's still there.
Big shout out to 330CK for hooking me up with a sick pair of RLPL sunglasses! He's a great guy, go buy his stuff.   Now then, it's been a few days since I got back home from Berlin, a city that's amazing for absolutely everything but thrifting (and Thai food). And oh, how I wanted things to have gone better than they did.   Passed on a very recent pinstriped Lanvin (made by Canali)... orphan. Would have bought, but Lanvin looks tough enough to move on Ebay as it...
I'll gladly take any high end clothes in good shape that you feeling like sending me.   EDIT: Better PM me your e-mail, you might not be here long.
  Fair enough. Reminds me of a 'designer vintage' shop I was at the other day while on my trip to Berlin. Some nice Jil Sander, Acne and A.P.C. stuff (for prices below Ebay but above thrift) right next to old-ass YSL stuff.   Speaking of Berlin, I've had no luck at all with the thrifting here. Hit a few shops while I was walking through the town... the minimum price seems to be about 15 Euro for a 70s polyester orphan, and about 30 Euro for Boss. The only thing that was...
  I've been trying to think of a good image that people could post when someone asks about an old Lanvin, Dior or YSL piece. I was thinking...     Or maybe something a little more tactful.
  I've found a good amount of Coppley stuff, ranging from pretty good (would have bought it if fit) to meh. They often use Zegna cloth fabrics, especially for MTM garments. If that fits and you have enough closet room, awesome. I probably would have passed though, given the lack of vents.
    Not the HF you probably think it is, either.     WTF is senior skip day? At my school we just had 'go to school' days.
Dibs on everything.
  Nice look, especially in contrast to most of your others (which I still enjoy). Question is, what kind of glasses you rocking with that?     What are you looking for? If you're after a model name, I'm pretty sure it says Einstein (for the jacket) and Sigma (for the pants). Pretty common Boss models. Size looks like 42R.
  What exactly is the problem with them?
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