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You know, up here in Canada, I have very little trouble finding nice stuff in smaller sizes. Noooooo trouble at all.   Or do you guys not know that we like to make jokes about how you're all fatties?
But they can also afford gym memberships, no?
Sigh, back on the foot it goes. I demand some brand porn at least.
Dibs anything 33/34/35. 
  I'd return if you can. Those are really nothing special.   And Faconnable can be nice if it fits you, but tends not to sell. Unfortunately every Faconnable shirt I've found has been rather tenty.     BINDERS FULL OF POCKET SQUARES     Pal Zileri is one of those really underappreciated brands. I'll still pick it up if it's nice, but I just have to accept that profit-wise, what I'm picking up is basically a shirt. Having said that, Concept looks recent and might do...
  Open the tie in the back with your hands and check for a thread loop.
Not sure what your issue was earlier. They look nice to me and not at all obnoxiously square-toed. If they were my size you'd have a PM already (and I'm sure you've already got a couple anyway).
Bah, PTO led me astray. http://putthison.com/post/19059714763/spotted-incotex-at-daffys-for-those-of-you-in
  +1 I don't go to SA stores. The few bucks I save by their slightly lower prices isn't worth the headache to me. Not to mention the smells.     I seem to remember somewhere that only Incotex pants have that loop for your belt buckle. But I could be wrong. By the way, size/available?
7's look legit. Don't know about the Lucky Brand jeans, but would anyone really fake either of those brands?
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