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Whew, lots of posts from the past few days, finally caught up.   Here's a "thrift" fit from this cold and rainy weekend     Jacket - Richard James Savile Row waxed cotton (consignment - free because I won a contest) Shirt - Gant Rugger torn collar oxford (thrifted) Pants - Mexx Boots - Blundstone (clearance)   [[SPOILER]]
Had as good a day as I have in a while. Borrelli shirt, Incotex chinolinos, Samuelsohn cashmere SC, and something that might find its way into a thrift pic soon.
Noted and thanks, I posted here because I thought it was born and lived in the thrift thread for some reason.
  Thanks, it's from the comic book Hellblazer. So yeah, I'm a dork.
Can't remember who had the 'blacklist,' could someone who has it please PM me? I know there's another thread for this stuff, but this feels like it'd be more appropriate here.   Got a potential buyer I'm a little suspicious about.
  +1 Only time I'll ever say this, but Styleforum could learn a thing or two from Jesus.
  Generally higher priced than GW/SA in everything. My local is generally $8-10 for any shirt regardless of brand, although occasionally Boss or random stuff like Ferragamo shirts will be more. Prices vary wildly for suits and sport coats... I've gotten a Corneliani suit for $20, Zegna Couture SC for $15 and Canali SC for $10, but I've seen prices go as high as $100 for some designers, and at one store - which I will never return to - the starting price for ANY suit was...
  Nice haul! Especially liking those Geller pants and the blue BR shirt. All for you?
Man, spending as much time as I do in this thread with you lot makes me forget how snidey and douchey some of the people in this men's clothing forum are.   Frenchy should start his own forum.
I passed on a pair of Dacks made in Canada burgundy kangaroo skin oxfords today, size 13 (just a bit too big). Should I go back to pick those up?   I often find Dacks made from less common leathers (antelope, bison to name a couple), although nothing too crazy... yet.
New Posts  All Forums: