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    Fuck that, everyone knows the real Thanksgiving was last month and the only football to watch is the Grey Cup.     +1000000
  Haha +1, I really don't get why so many people here turn their noses up at Canali. Sure it's not Brioni, but they do make fully canvassed suits in nice cuts with soft wool.   If anyone has any Canali suits in 40-42 R-L that are just clogging up their closets with their crappiness, I'll take them. You can even harvest the buttons first.     I'll bite. Apart from the AEs and the shirt (because it's for you), you should have passed on all that stuff. Possible exception...
Whew, it's been a while since I posted something more substantial than a stupid meme or sarcastic comment.   Good day today:   Pull Pal Zileri red/brown houndstooth SC, 54L (fits like 42L), available for trade or cost+shipping to the thread's cool folks [[SPOILER]]   Also found this shirt.   Because when I saw this, I thought, "$$$$$!"   Then I saw this.   I copped anyway, might try seeing if I can get some replacements from VW. Not sure if I'm keeping or not,...
What you should do:   1) Consider chopping MOP buttons.   2) Come to your senses.   3) Send to Spoo or someone else to consign.   4) Wait for auction to end.   5) Invite friends to house for dinner.   6) During dinner, pull out gains from auction, yell, "MONEY FIGHT!" and have fun.     Seriously, if it wasn't XL I'd have PMed you ages ago.
You don't need fashion knowledge for that. You just need to take a stroll through The Bay someday.
  Hey guys, I'm not thrifting right now, but there's a good reason for it: I'm glued to my computer watching a local comedian do 24 hours of comedy as a fundraiser for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.   The comedy is definitely on the absurd/bizarre end, but it can be really funny and it's for a good cause. I thought I'd share the link in case anyone else is just sitting around right now. And if you can donate, do that...
  Good luck, man (even though I still have an innate dislike of Vancouverites from the summer I spent there). I'm sure you'll be pulling nice stuff in no time. And for the record, 80% of my finds are from my local Value Village.     +1. Nat, the arms on that thing are seriously T-rex-y for the BOC length. Yeah, but you have mountains AND legal pot now (it is technically still illegal in BC), so all the Vancouverites will be living in Denver soon.
  I'm a SW&D novice, but my vote would be these:   http://www.ironheart.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=234
I got that exact pair as my first raw denim jeans. They're great, comfortable and that style (Weird Guy) is perfect for us folks that aren't built like twigs.
  Looks good... but is that a discoloration near the pocket, or just your camera?
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