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  Ech. Cash bars and dry weddings mean no gift from me. Luckily the ladyfriend doesn't see things the same way.
Anyone have any advice on strategies for listing Holland & Holland? I don't want my listing to get buried under a pile of Holland sports merch.
  Why yes, yes I am it is.     Killed it, very nice man!
Mainy, what's the size of those black Aldens?   Also, do you guys know about the Thrift Store Runway contest? Just saw it linked from AAF... I feel like, with all the items and knowledge, some folks here could destroy this thing.
  I've sold a couple for about $30 each, definitely worth it if you don't mind those margins. I just grabbed one yesterday that actually didn't have a loud, Robert Graham-y pattern. Hope eBayers don't hold that against it.
Anyone in the market for a basic blue OCBD? Barneys house brand, made in the USA. Picked it up for a friend but it didn't fit him, so making it available here if anyone's interested. Nothing fancy, just a nice staple shirt that fits slimmer than those Brooks Brothers tents.   P2P - 23, Collar - 15.5, Sleeve - 34   In the spirit of this thread, it's available for cost + shipping. I'd also be interested in a trade. Currently looking for shell cordovan boots,...
Thanks for the info everyone! I'll take that pair back and continue the search. That makes 3/3 AE shoes found at different stores today that were damaged.
Alright, all you guys who know more about shoes than me anything about shoes. I just did a chance pickup on a pair of AE Burtons that are either in serious need of TLC or a return to the store.   Can anyone tell me if these can be saved, even by AE's re-crafting service perhaps? I like them and they fit perfectly, but if they have to go back, they have to go back. There are three things I'm concerned about:     Leather worn down in a couple of...
  Beauties... must resist.
  I have had good luck with just hanging garments in the bathroom with the shower running for a while, similar to how lazy people iron shirts. Smell was gone after a couple of rounds. Something to try, if the stain's still there and the rum doesn't kill the jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: