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You sure about this? I picked up a Brioni for Harry Rosen once that I could swear was OTR.
Braved the Halloween crowds yesterday, only to discover there weren't really any Halloween crowds. Managed to find all the necessary ingredients for a pretty decent Han Solo costume. Also passed on a wicked recent Gucci overcoat that had a small hole in the back, but which they still wanted $40 for.   EDIT: In other news, I have not been able to thrift, list or post here as much as I would have liked to, as I just started an internship. But not thrifting because you're in...
Bam. 330CK killed it. I'd be all over that Margiela if I didn't know how ridiculously small that thing probably runs.  
  http://www.ebay.ca/itm/271066293095?ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1562.l2649   Heheh.
Gotcha, thanks for the photo.
Few things today:   Hey SW&D guys, are these what I've seen referred to as 'j-pants'? They're made by a highly regarded Canadian designer called Philip Sparks, and I'm pretty sure they're waxed cotton.   About a 34/34 and available... although I'm warning you you'll need fairly small calves to fit into them (felt like it was starting to cut off the circulation to my feet when I tried them on)   Pretty awesome Alan Paine lambswool sweater, size 44....
Bunch of stuff ending tonight, most of it for the larger folks. Check it out!   Oxxford brown glenplaid sport coat, 44R   Canali white striped shirt, EU43, 17/34   Baldessarini striped charcoal suit, 40R, pants 35/30   Canali white twill dress shirt, EU44 17.5/35   Prada grey nailhead blazer, 40R   Cheaney Renoir oxfords, UK13   Canali blue textured dress shirt, EU 43 17/35   Ermenegildo Zegna grey flannel sport coat,...
  Woah goddamn. That was from a thrift? Denim grail for sure.   Nicely done!
  FTFY   Hey, that Burberry London available?
You know, up here in Canada, I have very little trouble finding nice stuff in smaller sizes. Noooooo trouble at all.   Or do you guys not know that we like to make jokes about how you're all fatties?
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