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Noted and thanks, I posted here because I thought it was born and lived in the thrift thread for some reason.
  Thanks, it's from the comic book Hellblazer. So yeah, I'm a dork.
Can't remember who had the 'blacklist,' could someone who has it please PM me? I know there's another thread for this stuff, but this feels like it'd be more appropriate here.   Got a potential buyer I'm a little suspicious about.
  +1 Only time I'll ever say this, but Styleforum could learn a thing or two from Jesus.
  Generally higher priced than GW/SA in everything. My local is generally $8-10 for any shirt regardless of brand, although occasionally Boss or random stuff like Ferragamo shirts will be more. Prices vary wildly for suits and sport coats... I've gotten a Corneliani suit for $20, Zegna Couture SC for $15 and Canali SC for $10, but I've seen prices go as high as $100 for some designers, and at one store - which I will never return to - the starting price for ANY suit was...
  Nice haul! Especially liking those Geller pants and the blue BR shirt. All for you?
Man, spending as much time as I do in this thread with you lot makes me forget how snidey and douchey some of the people in this men's clothing forum are.   Frenchy should start his own forum.
I passed on a pair of Dacks made in Canada burgundy kangaroo skin oxfords today, size 13 (just a bit too big). Should I go back to pick those up?   I often find Dacks made from less common leathers (antelope, bison to name a couple), although nothing too crazy... yet.
  I think thrift stores price that stuff high because those are desirable brands for most of the people who shop at those stores. I've seen Lauren by Ralph Lauren suits priced at $60 which were gone the next time I visited the store. Not that I'm saying there aren't people looking for Brioni, Bogliogli or Isaia (*cough*), but they must pale in comparison to the folks willing to part with a few extra shekels for QUALITY BRANDS like Tommy Hilfiger and Liz...
  Woah, I found almost that exact same jacket like a month ago, and then someone else found another one that looked almost identical like a couple of weeks later. I think some weird Zegna mustard sport coat club just disbanded.
New Posts  All Forums: