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    GODDAMN!   I say GODDAMN! partially because that's incredible, but also partly because it almost totally blows my only thrift find of today out of the water.   Schott Perfecto leather... the Ramones jacket.   Thinks it might be a little small for me?         Or you could sell it to me...
I think someone in that blog's comments thread mentioned somewhere to get wider hangers for cheap, but can't remember. Either way, there has to be a middle ground somewhere (or maybe not).   Really awesome find!   And for what it's worth, I've found some items that fit under the broad 'SW&D' category at thrifts too. But they're rarely my size and are usually older, like older CDG. And have yet to find any brand new, unworn raw denim.  
  Nice! Didn't you pick up another new Norse Projects item a while back? Only time I'D ever seen that brand in this thread. Looks like a cool shirt too.     I'll take the money I save by thrifting and spend it on a meal at a good restaurant, nice gift for my girl or clothing item I want but am almost guaranteed not to find at a thrift (SW&D comes to mind), but somehow I feel if I ever spent $25 on a hanger I'd have to get 'sucker' tattooed on my forehead.   I know, I...
I'm inclined to say fake if for no other reason than 16 in Euro sizing is 41, not 40. Not sure on the label, CDG has been around for quite a while so it could always be older. Did it feel like a decent shirt, or a piece of crap? And where was it made?
  My size too... well played, sir.
  Meanwhile, in the Midwest...   In other news, absolutely zilch over here as well. But I did discover my fat white boy legs do NOT fit into j-pants, even if they're on sale.
It's amazing how quickly this thread devolves in the absence of actual finds. It's like StyleForum's Lord of the Flies.  
Those jeans do look kinda wack, just the label porn I guess.   On a related note... I thought Prada always had a black content label with silver writing overtop the white content label. Someone want to school me?    
QFT x1,000,000   Leafs fans actually make me hate hockey.
People from Toronto often suffer from delusions with respect to hockey. For me all this means is the lockout is no longer a story... boo.    Now then, serious question: Are the glory days of Robert Graham shirts cleaning up on the bay over?
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