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  From the perspective of someone else who sells shirts on Ebay: Sweeeeeeeeeeeet.     Nice finds, dude. I've been on a Batman kick recently, I'll have to check that one out.
 I somewhat agree, although I've found that, if I'm in the store anyway and the brand is decent, I may as well pick it up. If I can buy Canali or Zegna for $7 and sell for $30 after 10 minutes worth of photo-taking, why not? Heck, I recently flipped an Etro shirt for $60. Ain't gonna say no to that. By the way, hello from Germany. Hopefully, some wunderbar finds to post soon.
  I stopped in at an independent thrift today that I hadn't been to in months. It was like nothing had changed.
  I think the consensus was grab it if it's nice and the styling is recent.
I've got several things sitting around I'd like to see go to a good home. PM me and we'll make a deal.   Photos below descriptions:   Shirts (l-r) Zegna 15 / 34 Canali 17 / 35 Canali 17 / 36 Canali 17 / 35 Canali 17.5 / 35     Holland & Holland shirt, 15 / 34     Hilditch & Key shirt 17 / 33       Pal Zileri Abito Privato (MTM line) sport coat p2p - 24 Shoulders - 21 Sleeves - 25 (working cuffs) Length from BOC -...
  Heh, I was more of a California kind of inebriated. Literally had to re-read dude's sentence five times and then stop because my mind was blown.     Now, onto my finds from the past week. Finished my school semester, so I hit the thrifts a bit more than I usually would. Here we go:   Shirts! One Zegna (15/34), Canali (l-r 17/35, 17/36, 17/35, 17.5/35)  Available   Pal Zileri Abito Privato (MTM line) sport coat  Available p2p - 24 Shoulders - 21 Sleeves - 25 (working...
+1, good mistake to make.
  Could be wrong and am kinda inebriated, but I believe American sizing is higher than UK, not lower.
  Given the price on the tag, I'm inclined to say sport coat... a quick look on RL's website indicates suits typically go for a few hundred more than that (how sad is it I don't have a clue what regular retail even is). Now onto the important stuff... available?
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