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Since all these fools have looked this over, allow me to say, that's awesome. And your size too, eh?
  Yo. Nice. Seriously. I don't have $600, but I totally picked up some Zegna chinos in your size the other day. Tradesies?
  Heh I've seen that before too, but only with ties. Threw me off Zegna for a while, I was literally combing over every piece I found, searching for fakeosity.
  Picked up this Gianni Versace tie today. AnySpoo Anyone idea what the numbers are all about?
  I gather it was because he went mouthing off again.
I'm a medium in Gitman Vintage if he isn't. And I got some big guy stuff...
  Send directly to me. That would be best, I think.     Woah man, what size are those???
... and is it ever bustling!
  Not so sure about "awesome"... looks dated with the 6x1. And with damage to boot, I'd have probably passed.      Pretty sure that's the main line. From what I've handled, quality is good, fully canvassed etc. Pal Zileri Sartoriale is a step up, but the other stuff is good too.
Well, I went back to a thrift I hit up the other day and found the EXACT same pair of tan Incotex chino linos I picked up the other day.   I put the other pair up on the 'bay, so I'm making these available.   Size 37 / 30   Usual rules apply... please don't PM if you're going to flip them, and will trade for Alden shell boots or a Yohji suit.
New Posts  All Forums: