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  +1 I don't go to SA stores. The few bucks I save by their slightly lower prices isn't worth the headache to me. Not to mention the smells.     I seem to remember somewhere that only Incotex pants have that loop for your belt buckle. But I could be wrong. By the way, size/available?
7's look legit. Don't know about the Lucky Brand jeans, but would anyone really fake either of those brands?
Looks real, and spectacular!
Those plus Momotaro, Big John, Junya Watanabe, Rick Owens, YYPH (have found Y-3, didn't like it), MMM, Robert Geller and a whole bunch of other things that will almost certainly never show up in a Toronto thrift. Although I am planning a trip tonight, so who knows...   In related news, apparently Express is closing the upcoming Toronto Fashion Week. WTF  
Went out to the Winners near my office and I got to say wow, that place is actually stepping up its game. Passed on a Helmut Lang shirt at $70 (made in China), but grabbed a Limited Edition skeet blanket for $40, figure I can make a bit of cash off it.   Left behind this jacket because it was too small. Eubiq NY... anyone familiar with the brand? It's tagged L but fits more like a medium (about 19.5 P2P and 33" arms, I'd say). Don't know anything about the brand except it...
  All thrifting shit aside, nice article man.     On a side note, holy jesus PTO's round-up is a Spoo and Typhoid Jones show today.
Fair enough. But if you're not happy with how much you're getting on eBay listings, you might want to think twice before buying that licensed Christian Dior stuff.
  My apologies, I assumed you were flipping because an earlier post you'd made alluded to eBay sales. If they're for you and you like them, then rock and roll.
I doubt 90% of the people who read that article will even set foot in a thrift store after reading that, let alone turn into hardcore flippers.   If anything, it might make eBay customers a little more wary of where their products are coming from. 
  From your measurements, it looks like you should've listed that as a 42. Looks like it would have fit me just about perfect.     Hurray for journalists not getting fucked over for a change.   Sorry...         Yawn. Same old, same old. Thrift some Junya.
New Posts  All Forums: