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Sweet haul DM! Any chance that blackwatch Gant Rugger is available? And goddamn, that EG and those Vivienne sneakers!
  I remember a store I had written off almost completely, because it's close to downtown and has a constant stream of hipsters going in and out of it. A month ago I was driving by, on a Sunday evening, and decided to stop in. I found a Brioni suit and a Zegna suit. I've since found Lanvin, Prada, Borrelli and Grenson there. It's now a regular stop, partly because it's now on my route home from work.   My point is, I think it's never wise to stop going to a store...
  WOAH, welcome back dude.   Yeah, the one up in Vaughan Mils. I grabbed the only pair on the 80% off rack and I think the SA thought I was tag-switching at first because she took them away from me, but then brought them back and told me a bunch more pairs were heading to the sale rack pretty soon.
Hit up a couple of thrift shops and an outlet this weekend. Picked up a few things I don't mind bragging about.   NWT Vince selvedge chinos in my size, 80% off at Holts outlet.     Toronto PSA: The SA told me a bunch more of these are going to be going on sale pretty soon, so you might want to check the store in the next couple of weeks.     Ermenegildo Zegna 'zero weight' unlined sport coat, 80% off at Holts outlet. Made in Switzerland, working...
  It's like the man knows how to avoid taste at every turn.
  Dude, that looks awesome! Size? Available?
  Don't trade that here. Trade it on Ebay for big big dollars.
I picked up this Prada jacket at a thrift store the other day. Can anyone help me with the maker? The tag doesn't look familiar, although I read Belvest and Cantarelli have made for Prada.  
  First of all, big thanks to Klobber for convincing my ignorant ass to go back and grab that Lanvin. Not only was it still there, but its long lost partner had made it out to the party as well. That's right lads, grabbed a Lanvin suit!   Now, as for a maker... I'm really leaning toward Canali (who I understand used to make suits for Lanvin before Caruso).       I also picked up a Baldessarini suit and a Prada orphan that should be workable as an SC if the pants don't...
Hmm, the tag sure looked a lot like a newer Canali tag to me. And it was definitely a recent piece, and fully canvassed with pick stitching. Might go back and pick it up... if it's still there.
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