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  Dude, how can that tie be fake when it has not one, not two, but three tags confirming its authenticity?     Here you go: Info on Piero Puliti shirts
Aaaaand here's the Deadboy edition of He wrote / He got.   What He Wrote:     What He Got:       I could honestly care less about getting negged by this guy.
  Unless you're going back with a torch or a priest, I wouldn't bother.   Nice shoes though! Those will look great with some dark jeans.
Not sure if this has been brought up yet, but a PSA for all you Canuck sellers (and people buying things from Canadian sellers):   The nice lady at Canada Post informed me today they are no longer offering coverage up to $100 for items shipped with the Small Packets service. That means your options are either to chance it without insurance, or charge customers for a more expensive service.   Apparently, they will be unveiling a new Small Packets service with...
  Trying to move anything Pal Zileri on eBay for even a fraction of what it's worth is a frustrating experience indeed. A bunch of rubes on that site, I tells ya.   I've been meaning to post every time someone writes something like that, so don't take it personally (and don't let it detract from your solid haul): Guys, working cuffs aren't all that uncommon on casual coats. I've found them on a bunch of cheap stuff - even a (pre-SF) BR coat of mine has them.  
  Jesus... and I thought people who bought nice new designer clothes had too much money. That is a pretty cool vest though.
Not the YSL you're looking for.   Actually not the Kiton either. But I have a buddy that collects those non-good Kiton label jackets, so if you want to send it to me, I'd happily do a proxy.   'Rive Gauche' is what you're looking for. You'll know it when you see it because it will be on some crazy ass runway piece, not an old tie.  
  Aah, thanks for the primer. I know so little about bike jackets... just that this one looked awesome, was heavy as fuck and seemed to be good quality.   In response to your query, that's precisely my problem. I've got a bit of the Ian Erickson syndrome... Regular in the body but Long in the arms. The sleeves on this one just about hit my wrist, which I guess makes them too short (guess that's why there are zippers on the cuffs, too). But since I'm not likely to actually...
@eazye it's a 42, and I'm normally a 40.  
Shit... I hadn't even looked at eBay completed listings yet. It is a bit too small for me, isn't it? Yeah, I'm starting to think it might definitely be too small. Yeah, totally probably. Sure.
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