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  Considering they're a $500 reproduction of $20 bundeswehr sneakers, I don't think it's the shoes that are being abused.     Also, I don't want my dislike of those shoes to distract from how awesome that CdGS shirt is.
  Blast, I've been looking for something identical to that! Excellent find.     Beach buff bro, beach buff.
I respect the effort and the fact that he didn't pay the exorbitant MMM price for them, but I'm no fan of the originals as well.   If those pants didn't have the selvedge (or whatever that is), I'd say wear them rolled up with black bucks. But then he'd be showing his ankles and SW&D would chase him like Frankenstein's monster.
Noob - I like it right until the ankles. The selvedge(?) on those pants reminds me of those knock-off Adidas stripe track pants I wore in elementary school, and not a fan of the shoes.  
  Woah! PMed.
Two things:   1) Spoo is a good dude.   2) When you pick up some croc loafers you want to make a shit ton of money on, where do you go? Being this thread's go-to luxury expert is good for him too.   But having said that, Coach really isn't a good brand (anymore, at least), and those were double-pleated pants. It shouldn't have even gone as far as the authenticity check. 
I'm looking to clear out a few shirts that haven't moved on the bay. All are available for cost + shipping. Or trade if you got something slim fitting in 16/35.   Pal Zileri striped button down, 16 / 35   Viyella wool/cotton blend, woven in Scotland made in Canada, 16/33   Hilditch & Key 17 / 33
  Looks big in the shoulders, the midsection and the sleeves. And, having met you, I'd say the pants are a bit baggy for a gentleman of your age group. Unless you're in love with it, I'd say flip.     Wow... this has got to be the first TOJ find in the thread. Even though it's just a shirt... wow.
  That's cool, just make sure you're upping your game into something that's nice and not something that makes you look like you raided your grandfather's closet.   And one quick piece of advice. If you're in college, you're probably in my generation, which is a generation used to instant gratification. Thrifting, on the other hand, requires a ton of patience, even more so if you're only picking up stuff for yourself. I've said it before, but I think it's worth repeating:...
Totally depends on what kind of jackets they are (workable as sport coats? more texture/not striped?), how bad a condition they're in (just a bit of wear, or full on rips/holes?) and whether the buttons are of any value (horn? MOP? 14k gold?). Might be better to keep the buttons on and sell them off.
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