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  But considering they were made for Baldessarini (who used Caruso for its suits), they're probably pretty good. At least worth the $10.
That VV is MINE. So everyone better back off.
Thanks for the input. Here are a couple other options.     Also, couple finds from this weekend.   Gianfranco Ferre mainline blue checked blazer, made by Cantarelli. Unvented unfortunately.     NWOT Thom Brown sleeveless button-down. Think I'll hold off putting this on the bay until spring.  
Since this is like the only thread I post to, I thought I'd solicit some advice here. Got a job interview tomorrow and am trying to decide on a shirt/tie combo. Anyone care to give thoughts on either of the ones below?   Suit - Baldessarini Shirt - Harry & Sons Tie - BB   Shirt - Dolce & Gabbana Tie - Brioni   And here's a thrift fit from the other day.   Coat - Michael Tapia (courtesy of DM7, awesome!) Blazer - PRL (courtesy of...
  Check to see if the shirt is actually made in Italy, or if it's just the fabric. I have a Holt shirt with that situation.   I just grabbed a shirt and pants from the Holts Last Call outlet. The pants are made by Coppley, so I wouldn't be surprised if the made in Canada shirts and suits/SCs were as well.
My experience with re-weavers has been that if it the hole is in an inconspicuous area, it might be OK. But I wouldn't want a re-weave mole right in the place someone will look when shaking my hand. And $100 to re-weave a light blue suit I would never have occasion to wear didn't seem worthwhile.   Interesting note about the textile re-manufacturers. Just wish the thrift store employees took half as much care in looking for holes as they do in marking up 'desirable'...
OK. Number one thrifting pet peeve. It's not volume flippers, loud and crazy people, non-showerers, people who insist on testing stereos by playing them at max volume for way too long... none of that.   Number one pet peeve is rich assholes who donate their destroyed clothes to these stores, where they sit and clog up shelf space for weeks. Had to pass on a gorgeous Isaia suit in my size because of a dime-sized hole in the sleeve and a Paul Smith jacket because of...
ˆˆˆ Killed it as always. PMed!
  Considering they're a $500 reproduction of $20 bundeswehr sneakers, I don't think it's the shoes that are being abused.     Also, I don't want my dislike of those shoes to distract from how awesome that CdGS shirt is.
  Blast, I've been looking for something identical to that! Excellent find.     Beach buff bro, beach buff.
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