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... and is it ever bustling!
  Not so sure about "awesome"... looks dated with the 6x1. And with damage to boot, I'd have probably passed.      Pretty sure that's the main line. From what I've handled, quality is good, fully canvassed etc. Pal Zileri Sartoriale is a step up, but the other stuff is good too.
Well, I went back to a thrift I hit up the other day and found the EXACT same pair of tan Incotex chino linos I picked up the other day.   I put the other pair up on the 'bay, so I'm making these available.   Size 37 / 30   Usual rules apply... please don't PM if you're going to flip them, and will trade for Alden shell boots or a Yohji suit.
Whew, lots of posts from the past few days, finally caught up.   Here's a "thrift" fit from this cold and rainy weekend     Jacket - Richard James Savile Row waxed cotton (consignment - free because I won a contest) Shirt - Gant Rugger torn collar oxford (thrifted) Pants - Mexx Boots - Blundstone (clearance)   [[SPOILER]]
Had as good a day as I have in a while. Borrelli shirt, Incotex chinolinos, Samuelsohn cashmere SC, and something that might find its way into a thrift pic soon.
Noted and thanks, I posted here because I thought it was born and lived in the thrift thread for some reason.
  Thanks, it's from the comic book Hellblazer. So yeah, I'm a dork.
Can't remember who had the 'blacklist,' could someone who has it please PM me? I know there's another thread for this stuff, but this feels like it'd be more appropriate here.   Got a potential buyer I'm a little suspicious about.
  +1 Only time I'll ever say this, but Styleforum could learn a thing or two from Jesus.
  Generally higher priced than GW/SA in everything. My local is generally $8-10 for any shirt regardless of brand, although occasionally Boss or random stuff like Ferragamo shirts will be more. Prices vary wildly for suits and sport coats... I've gotten a Corneliani suit for $20, Zegna Couture SC for $15 and Canali SC for $10, but I've seen prices go as high as $100 for some designers, and at one store - which I will never return to - the starting price for ANY suit was...
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