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  You could have and you should have.   Those coats on the other hand...     +1 it reminds me of some of the early pages of this thread, when people were just posting total ass.   I know the rule is, "if you like it and it fits you, get it," but that doesn't mean you have to post it here. This thread has a reputation to maintain!     It's almost like being in an actual thrift store.
Doesn't fit as in sleeves too short, or chest just slightly too big?
  I would say in general, unless you're looking for a pair of jeans for yourself and they fit perfectly, don't bother with 7FAM. That brand's time in the sun is all but over, they're really not desirable and they're not even that good.   And I would be very surprised if it was an intentional crotch hole. Although Dsquared2 did have jeans with a huge dick fade a couple years ago, so anything's possible.
  If I continue devouring leftovers at the rate I've been doing, they might just fit. But I think I'm still selling them to hopefully finance my Boxing Day Week purchases.     WHY DO SO MANY NICE SUITS HAVE SUCH SHORT INSEAMS?!   Seriously... aren't there like a ton of guys out there over 5'8? Why do the nice ones always have pants that would fit me like capris? /rant   Awesome find by the way. Still have yet to pop that cherry at a thrift.     +1 my general rule is if I...
  Just checked, and yes they are. And that Thom Browne shirt is quite possibly the most awesome thing I could never picture a straight man wearing.
  Sounds like you're on the right track then, minus the listerine-coloured pants for $25.   Just, we don't usually share locations of thrift shops publicly, as it's considered bad form by many to blow out other people's sweet spots.   By the way, I haven't been to the HLC since before Christmas, but if that Thom Browne is on sale, I'd buy it for a flip.   Oh, and a PSA to all you GTAers: The Harry Rosen outlet in Mississauga has some sweet steals right now, including a...
Hey cool! That line on the front is on all Jack Purcells, by the way.
  I was going to say, "I think you won" until I realized you took pics of a couple dated suits instead of the Dries. I still think you won, but it's not a good victory.           In regards to 'mint'... umm, so you're looking for thrift stores in Canada? Are you aware of how big Canada is? My best advice would be to look up Goodwill locations in the Greater Saskatoon Area and stay the eff away from Toronto.   But yeah, there's a ton of us in and around Toronto (perhaps...
Can't believe none of these ignorant fools posted to tell you those are an awesome find. They are.   Oh hey... I went thrifting too. Here's the stuffs.   Pants... Brioni (2x pleated), Zegna (FF), Canali (1x pleated)   More pants, all of these are clearly from the same donor... a guy who's about a foot shorter than me.   Zegna FF x2, Canali FF   Some Harry Rosen branded linen pants for me, should be a nice wear come summer.   The label on the inside. That red dot over...
Thom Browne suit still gets my vote.
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