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  +1, I'm dealing first-hand right now with a great example of eBay buyer douchebaggery (on an item that, to be fair, I offered to proxy here first, but got no takers).   Now that I have semi-steady work and am not relying on thrifting to pay the bills, I intend to make a lot more of the stuff I find available to the regulars here. The nice, classic stuff, that is. Skeet blankets stay on the bay.
Yessir, congratulations.
Oh yeah don't get me wrong, it's still pretty cool to find at a thrift and will probably flip relatively well, just not the big Raf dollas.    And since I've been doing a whole lotta talking about other folks' finds, here are a couple of my own from the past week, both cherry poppers:     Chester Barrie sport coat, must be pretty old as it was made for a Toronto men's store I can't find anything about online.     Zanella 'flat front' brown trousers   Not pictured... Z...
Not quite... More or less this. I've seen some pretty cool stuff from that collaboration, but a lot of it is basics of meh quality at slightly higher than reasonable prices. A lot more Fred Perry than Raf Simons.   I picked up one of the polos on Yoox last year because it was cheap and I needed a new polo. Found it to be kind of crap, and a button fell off after my second wear.
  +1 on how wicked that is. My size, but I'd rather see you make a killing off it on the 'bay.   That mystery brown jacket is pretty damn nice too. Were the sleeves a half inch longer I'd be all over it.
  Why? Is the coat closer to your size?
  If you're going back there anytime soon and any of those were suits, I'd definitely be willing to take a chance on that. And of course will report back to the thread!
Varvatos can be nice, depends if you like the aesthetic (I'm not usually into the whole American rock-y vibe). That jacket looks alright if it fits you and you can pull it off. Quality-wise (since that's what so many people here care about), some of the stuff is made in Italy and is really good, some is made in Thailand or China and meh, and the JV*USA line is the worst.
Hey remember when we started a separate forum?   Those were the day.  
  Yeah, I once found a Z Zegna jacket that was made in Switzerland. Fused, but very nice apart from that, and big ass MOP buttons. Also Zegna has (had?) some stuff made in Spain that's pretty nice.   Now while I've got your attention, I want to give a big shout out to Nataku and hooker4186 for hooking my snowed-in ass up.   Nataku, thanks for the wicked jacket. Bummer it didn't fit you!   hooker4168, the Allen Edmonds shoes are wicked, great condition and great price....
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