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It's been a while since I've had what I can confidently call a haul. Which is why tonight was so awesome. What's more, almost all of this came from one place, about 20 minutes before the store closed for the night. I saw a pretty well dressed guy flipping through the suits with a few already in his hands, so I hopped to it. Here's what I came up with...   Perfect for fall Samuelsohn wool/cashmere sport coat. N/A   What's that, you say? You like the checks, but you're a...
  I like it, although maybe a bit crazy with the PS. And goddamn you look like Jason Segel.     FTFY.
Thrift stores could be good places to start.
Bah! Maybe it's meant to be worn as a 3-roll-1?
  Woah, holy high gorge and button stance, Batman!
  WOAH, that OB available??? I think it's RTW main line, with O2 being the diffusion.
  Good info, thanks kindly!       Judging by the tumbleweeds in my inbox, I guess it was a smart pass haha.
  Woah, what happened to your name? Trimming down?     Picked up something the other day that maybejustmaybe fits the bill.     Also, passed on a white Tom Ford SC the other day at Holts Last Call, marked down to about $400 but with a thread pull in the back. Around a 40-42L. Bad pass?
  Here's a few tips for Lanvin-seekers:   - Rather than examining the Lanvin tag, look at the maker tag. Newer good Lanvin is made by Caruso, older by Canali. Photos of both of those tags can be found in the Labels thread.  If the tag matches, you've got a winner. - Do the canvas pinch test like you would with any piece you're not familiar with. If it's fused, toss it back. - If you're in a rush, just look at the country of origin. If it's the U.S., don't waste your...
New Posts  All Forums: