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So much in that last post...     Everything everyone else said plus I'm not sure a coat of that length is a flattering look for you. Makes you look kinda tiny.     I always assumed it was because those brands are made for the big fat Italian dudes who can afford them.     For what it's worth, I've heard nothing but good things about Unbranded, especially at the price point. A local store is selling them for $50 right now and I'm seriously considering getting a pair, even...
  Man, I wonder how long it'll be before she moves on to greener pastures.     Is this thrift store free verse poetry?   Got to say, I've been pretty underwhelmed by the few Kiton shirts I've handled. Maybe I was just expecting too much, but I didn't find them to be as nice as Borrelli. Wasn't underwhelmed with how they did on eBay, however.
I was wondering how long it would be until someone posted that.   I was personally holding off until the next DM7 haul.
  Looks good (though possibly a bit big in the shoulders?), although once again I submit it would look much better without the square. Especially considering how dark this one is and how nothing-y the fold is.     Depends what you're wearing them with.
Ooh, someone's fighting dirty for those things.
Calling dibs means you have first chance at paying the $1,000, same as the cost+shipping. 
  Don't know about Florsheim, but Dack's have never really had a bad era. They were made to really high standards in Canada for ages, then were made in England by Cheaney to slightly lower standards (but I mean come on), and have now re-launched and are made in Canada again. They do decently well on eBay too.   I'd grab them if they're in good condition, look good and aren't corrected grain leather (as some are). That's easier said than done... most of the pairs I've seen...
Before we get off this topic totally, were any of you Toronto lads the dude I saw at the Bloor VV today in the neon jeans and T-shirt that read:   ASAP   I BE THAT PRETTY MOTHAFUCKA     ??? If so, you're awesome.
  Depends on the context. Walking around on wet/muddy/snowy ground? Looks better than soggy, salt-covered cuffs.     But mostly this.
  "It looks good, it fits and I wear it often" is the trump card, so you win.     Fit looks good apart from the aforementioned pants comment. And this will probably be useless by now, but in this case, given all the solid colours, I'd actually suggest a tie here.   Once Gap started selling selvedge, it stopped being cool to show off selvedge.     Oh dear god let's not get into this again. Pnutpug, you didn't see nothing.
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