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Doesn't look like any Samuelsohn tag I've ever seen. But maybe someone else has better news?
  Excuse me, I think you dropped something.   Is this yours?
That means you should want to get rid of more than just what you posted. Let us help you clear those closets!     Hey, that sure is a nice haul! /slowplay   By the way, there will inevitably be some people here that don't recognize all the brands, and thus aren't sure if everything you posted truly is esophagus-shittingly awesome. To those people, I say: Yes.   Noice. Although for my money Jose Canseco would be more topical these days. Or 'Rod' Ford.     So... through...
ChetBakerSings kills it with the thrift fits all in a lead-up to that haul. Gaddamn.   Naw, that's a JV Star USA. It's crap they can't even seem to move on clearance at my local outlet. It's also on Gilt like every five seconds.
PMed you the first part of my response, but I'm posting the last part here because it might be good for others to hear as well: The thing with thrifting is that, to be good at it, you need to really know style in general and (more importantly) your personal style. That means having a pretty good idea of who you are, what you look good in and what you feel good in. Once you figure that out, you'll become a better shopper in general, and a much better (ie. more selective)...
Keep: BB jacket and white shirt provided they fit you perfectly (and I mean really perfectly, not 'they were cheap and hurray I found something at a thrift store so that's good enough!' perfectly),  CK suit provided it also fits you perfectly and is not actually black (looks more grey in the second photo) and shoes if they're in fact Stuart McGuire (kinda looks like it)   Return: everything else. And congrats on popping your Christian Dior Monsiour cherry.   Then...
  Sadly, in North America these days, you probably can. But you shouldn't. So good on you.     I'll go against the other guys here and say that, if you like the shoes and they were cheap enough, fit perfectly and are comfortable (although I have my doubts about that last one), they're a fine purchase. The suit and jacket were a good pass.   My reasoning is the same for both: styling. While you (possibly) could tell the quality in the Hickey jacket (and the quality...
  Ouch. I feel you man, that's rough. That's part of the reason why I thrift in my beat up old jacket, t-shirts, light wash jeans and sneakers.   I probably would have flipped shit on the fatty as well. But I'd find it a bit weird yelling "YOU RUINED MY $600 SHOES!" at a thrift store.   EDIT - To praise Nataku's awesome haul! Mega thumbs up man!
FYI - some great prices on Gloverall duffle coats on the Gilt outerwear sale right now. Just scooped up two.   Oh, my poor wallet.
  Because an RG shirt is all you need to go from being just another boring suburban dad to THE COOLEST SUBURBAN DAD AT THE BARBECUE!     No...     This deserves 1000% of the love it got. I've always felt houndstooth made me look like an old man, but you've convinced me otherwise good sir.     About the only pants I've found that fit me this winter in Toronto have been linen/light cotton. Oh well, guess I'll be ready for the warmer temperatures.
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