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    +1 if you have the funds and inclination to do so, buy it and maybe someone here who's a 44R will trade you something in your size for it, or work out a similar deal. It can be much easier to find things in your size when you've got a cross-continent network out there searching. 
Correct. It was a nice post, once.
HAH! Beat you by a few minutes!
It's been a while since I've had what I can confidently call a haul. Which is why tonight was so awesome. What's more, almost all of this came from one place, about 20 minutes before the store closed for the night. I saw a pretty well dressed guy flipping through the suits with a few already in his hands, so I hopped to it. Here's what I came up with...   Perfect for fall Samuelsohn wool/cashmere sport coat. N/A   What's that, you say? You like the checks, but you're a...
  I like it, although maybe a bit crazy with the PS. And goddamn you look like Jason Segel.     FTFY.
Thrift stores could be good places to start.
Bah! Maybe it's meant to be worn as a 3-roll-1?
  Woah, holy high gorge and button stance, Batman!
  WOAH, that OB available??? I think it's RTW main line, with O2 being the diffusion.
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