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  I know people who have been pretending to not be home for years.
  A bit late to the party on this but that's awesome. I went back to school recently after a few years working a job I disliked and life has been 1000x better ever since. Best of luck in the program.     Gotta say, I run into Evisu like half the times I go thrifting. Didn't think the eBay ROI was very good on it, and would never wear it, so I never pick it up.     Your plan sounds a lot better than his plan.     Huge score, that's great! So much awesomeness with members...
  On the plus side... good day to hunt.
  If you don't like the thread, you could always just up and fuck off.     True, and he could always just up and fuck off.     Interesting. I much prefer a button fly on jeans anyway.     Different people thrift for different reasons. Thrift for whatever reason you like. Or you could always just up and... never mind.     Nah. My favourite two suits are ones I had to get the sleeves let out on just a tad. They get plenty of wear (as much as a guy in his mid-20s who works...
    Heh, unfortunately I didn't get to see that before he took it down (or the mods somehow tracked him all the way to Tumblr). I'm sure it was some amusing douchebaggery he didn't really mean. And he can say what he wants... unless he left a staple Brioni suit as "scraps" at the Lansdowne VV a few months ago, I beat his ass to at least something.     Dude... if that BBGF has arms on the longish side and you don't want to keep it, get at me. I've been doing my part to...
  Very nice!
  Yeah, he is in Toronto/GTA. Consider yourself as thrifting with a handicap every time you go out.
  Awesome find, and 50 points for use of the word 'chuffed.'
  Dude, how can that tie be fake when it has not one, not two, but three tags confirming its authenticity?     Here you go: Info on Piero Puliti shirts
Aaaaand here's the Deadboy edition of He wrote / He got.   What He Wrote:     What He Got:       I could honestly care less about getting negged by this guy.
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