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Can't believe none of these ignorant fools posted to tell you those are an awesome find. They are.   Oh hey... I went thrifting too. Here's the stuffs.   Pants... Brioni (2x pleated), Zegna (FF), Canali (1x pleated)   More pants, all of these are clearly from the same donor... a guy who's about a foot shorter than me.   Zegna FF x2, Canali FF   Some Harry Rosen branded linen pants for me, should be a nice wear come summer.   The label on the inside. That red dot over...
Thom Browne suit still gets my vote.
Let's see... it's labelled "Sartoriale" (2) + it's made in Canada (2) = ???   Quote:
Stackin', bro.
Merry Thriftmas, everyone!  
I nominate eazye as one of the best overall thrifters in this thread for consistently finding stuff that's actually his size. My thrifting excursions often leave me wishing I was a 44R with a 30" inseam.     It's funny, you seem so nice everywhere but here.  
First off, I wanted to give BIG THANKS to Nataku for the shirt. It fits perfectly and looks great, and it's just what I needed. Until I can repay the favour, I'm putting a curse on every Minnesota flipper for ya.     Love the top, love the bottom (with a bit less cuff) but together they seem incongruous. Some slacks would have made this fit great.     Yes - send directly to me.     So tempted to feed the troll....
Dude, you have to post a fit pic with that Ikea Monkey steeze.
  Quality-wise, I'd put Gant x MB shirts on the same level as the new Gant Rugger stuff, which is to say decent but not amazing. But it is more expensive and having Bastian's name will likely fetch a bit more for it on the bay, especially given that it's FW11.
I don't mean to be a jerk here, but (with the possible exception of the DKNY one) would you wear any of those?
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