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  I've had a Hilditch & Key on the 'bay for a while now with not bites. It's a somewhat uncommon size, but still. I think the Jermyn Street shirtmakers just don't get the same kind of attention as their Savile Row tailoring brethren. Shame.     You could be right. I just remember PTO talking up Ascot Chang quite a bit, but I think always as a Hong Kong shirtmaker.
Isn't all Ascot Chang made in Hong Kong, he being a Hong Kong tailor?
Heh, no I was just being an asshole. It is a 13, which I guess makes these a 14. And yet they feel like they fit, or maybe I just want them to.
  It sure looks like salt damage to me. I've got that on a pair of my jeans... comes from wearing them cuffed and walking around on salted sidewalks in the winter.
  Too long in the sleeves for you too, perchance?       After getting stuck in traffic and mailing off a bunch of stuff, I made it to my local with only about 15 minutes to spare. Tore through the store and found a couple of things:   Armani Collezioni black loungewear? pants. These feel like they're made from a velvet-y like synthetic material, so I'm posting the interior tag. Can anyone tell me if they're fake? They have a one snap, one button enclosure. Any help would...
  Agreed, it can work with the right kind of linen or cotton, or like a blue/white striped seersucker sport coat. But I definitely don't have what it takes to pull of any of those looks.
Nice haul, Xenos!   Now resisting temptation to buy yet another navy SC.
ENDING AT 9:35 TONIGHT! Lanvin suit, Baldessarini suit, Canali fall sport coat, Canali shirts, Incotex pants, Versace and Bottega Veneta ties and more!   http://www.ebay.ca/sch/brendanthepirate/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686
  Valentino's Tailoring line is made by Isaia and is really good quality. I made a good chunk of change selling a sport coat from that line a while ago, but I listed the brand as Isaia because Valentino does not appear to move on Ebay at all. I think the ladies like it a lot more than the gents.     "If I began by only listing the highest quality items, I have a feeling it would take me far too long to accumulate enough feedback to get things moving" With the exception...
I think I was thrifting in the wake of a huge asshole today. Clothes thrown everywhere and almost nothing good left. Grabbed a few things though:     Vintage Gloverall duffle... pretty sure this is a women's though. Also, the toggles will need to be fixed. Still, available for cost+ shipping to anyone who's lady (or them) fits these measurements:   p2p - 21" shoulders -17" sleeve - 23" length - 34"   Next up, a Hermes tie with an ugly grey stain/mark...
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