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ˆˆˆ Very awesome. Feel odd posting right after it, but here goes.     Looking at the pic, I'm not so sure about the long blazer. Can anyone advise?
From the rainy other day, before this glorious heatwave.   [[SPOILER]]
I wore a suit yesterday, and apparently so did everyone else.  
Been lurking here for a while, thought I would give the waywt thing a try.  
Not sure if this is widely out there already, but HAPPYBDAY gets you 25% off your order on Yoox right now.
Hello all, I'm trying to figure out whether to get this tux jacket taken in . Any thoughts?        
Just to chime in, I had the same experience. Yoox seems to know this is a problem for Canadians (that was the CS's first question) and refunds the money with no complaining required. Why they can't automate it is beyond me, but still, very minimal hassle.
Selling a pair of Ann Demeulemeester pants from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection, made of black textured wool with off-white snowfall splatter marks on them.   They are loose up top with a very aggressive taper, and slits on the cuffs.   Worn a few times, 9/10.   Measures: 36" waist, 37" inseam
 Uh, yeah, exactly.
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