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Man those navy guidis look cool. I think you should be fine.
Don't think the jeans really go with the derbies either. Though the SNS sweater and coat combo looks really cool.
 Oh so it's not so much whether ccp boots work with jeans, as it is what jeans they work with. I would think a thick pair of raw denim with a 7" or less cuff and enough length for some good stacks would be just fine. I don't like spending a ton on jeans so I'd just get some N&F and taper them if needed.
To me, CCP boots look like slightly sleeker cowboy boots, so I don't see why they couldn't work with the right colour.
  Hey look another Junya coat pic.
 I'm sure you could. Or even these: Guidi is definitely worth exploring further. Though, to take things back to the main topic of this thread as of late... I don't find the rolls on their backzip boots appealing at all.
But there is also the matter of whether they'll work with your wardrobe. Brown Guidi boots are pretty easy to incorporate into a variety of styles. I'm not sure you could say the same for a lot of L-O, or A1923, let alone something like Julius. From your waywt pics, I almost think something like Peter Nappi would be worth looking at (I say this having no idea of the fit of Peter Nappi boots, just the style).
 +1 to this. One of my pairs of Guidi boots was so snug I could only wear them with really thin socks, initially. After probably a dozen of so wears they stretched to fit perfectly, and are now among my favourite boots.
I'd go for the Red Wings over those AEs... but then, I'd probably go for kleenex boxes a la Mr. Burns over those AEs. But I second the suggestion for Viberg.
Don't want it to get lost in the moc-toe talk, but @VitaTimH that fit is rad. How I'd like to think I look (but probably don't) when I wear the Junya patchwork blazer.
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