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 Awesome! I keep my rejection letters when I'm lucky enough to get them in hard copy. Add that one to the file with pride!  Funny, I like the white cardigan but not the plaid shirt. Feels too casual for the overcoat.
 Before you go looking for horn toggles... aren't the sleeves on that thing kind of short on you?  Depends on the era as well. I've found more recent Canali jackets that fit a lot slimmer.
 If your SF-approved clothes aren't appealing to the ladies, you're wearing the wrong SF-approved clothes for you.  +1 looks kind of like an Arnold Brant blazer I bought and sold (for very little) a while back.
Also, a humble request of the thread: If anyone has any brown or burgundy (or any colour other than black really) full-grain leather or suede PTBs in decent shape kicking around, I'd be very interested. Got a DIY itch...   EDIT: In 11.5 or 12D
 Nice fit dude. Most importantly you look comfortable being in the clothes, which I think puts you ahead of 50% of those who post fits. Is that coat warm enough though?  Hmm... incredibly short overcoat? Long blazer? I'm going to guess the latter.  Greatest feeling ever (next to the 100K game guy). I was looking through my closet today and noticed how few items I've thrifted have actually fit me and my lifestyle well enough to keep for more than a couple months. The 100%...
 I'd like to pop in to say to you and so many others here how much more enjoyable my thread-reading experience has been since blocking that clown. Or at least it was, until everyone started quoting him.
Quote: Hey dude, wish I'd seen the post sooner. The black double breasted coat looks alright but I'm not sure I'd pick up Blk Dnm. It's a Johan Lindeberg line, quality from what I've seen is OK and the pieces seem to be hit or miss. But if you like it, right on.
 I really like this, nice colours and silhouette. Much prefer it to the more costume-y stuff.  Queen downtown? You mean Leslieville?
Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Ours was wonderful. Here's my own holiday/family/nice guy thrift fit:     Cardigan - JCrew, eBay Shirt - Whitcomb & Shaftesbury, from Nataku Santa tie - just been in my closet as long as I can remember Pants - Coppley, Holt Last Call (RIP)   Got some nice stuff as well, including the PS3 I've been holding off buying for years, and many of the games I've been dying to play during that time. GF will not be pleased.   Also...
New Posts  All Forums: