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 I bought one, and can confirm that they are very nice, and at a very good deal if still available.
 They have two locations in Montreal I believe. I've only been to the Old Port one (about a year ago), it was pretty nice, but they told me they kept a lot of the more niche brands online-only. Still cool to handle some Haider. The Simons on St. Catherine also had BBS and Damir last time I was there. 
I mean, I'm not an animal.
A lot of you guys seem to be operating in an existence where it isn't like 34°C all the time.   
What Synth said is pretty spot on. Having said that, I was at a Transit store a little while ago and handled a bunch of their stuff. If it's quality you're worried about, it's perfectly adequate. If it's anything else, well... do you like the coat or don't you?
It would be even better if people would stop replying to the ignored.
ˆYou should post this in the Artisanal clothing thread. That thing is beautiful.
Out of curiosity (and not to slag on anyone), what was the appeal of Nama? I noticed a bunch of people here bought pairs six months to a year ago, but I never quite got it... pricing seemed to be similar to established labels where you more or less know what you're getting. Was it the fabrics and mtm aspect?   Also, that women's Harnden fit posted earlier has to be one of the few all-Harnden fits I actually like. Very cool.
 100%. Canadians aren't nice, we're polite. There's a difference.  But yeah, we definitely cannot.
New Posts  All Forums: