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 I've never handled them in person, so this has been the main worry that's kept me from buying a LEB jacket, no matter how cool they look on the hanger. Thanks @curiouscharles for confirming that.
 Ah, the Game of Thrones approach to building a wardrobe. If that works for you, more power to you. I couldn't imagine doing it myself... shit's expensive enough as it is.
Been wanting to get one of these dudes from aw13 for a while now. Finally pulled the trigger and I'm glad I did.  
Really digging the denim in that one @SirMeowly. Your fits have been great lately.   And on a similar note, wicked use of the tux, @ManofKent. Kind of makes me want to start wearing blue jeans for something other than tooling around on errands again.   In the meantime, it's been grey and rainy for the last week. This waxed cotton jacket has been getting a lot of wear.   
Spent the day hanging out with this little guy. I think I need to exchange him for something a little more on-brand.   [[SPOILER]]
I'm considering ordering an Incarnation leather jacket, but I have no experience with that label. Can anyone advise on fit? I'm a pretty slender build but probably wouldn't have a hope in hell of squeezing into nicelynice's ma+ biker. 
It's cool enough to wear a jacket!   (in my apartment, and at the office)  
Is it too tight to be worn fully zipped?
New Posts  All Forums: