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 Yessir. Thanks, it's a rough time for media in this country (/everywhere?)
Thrift fit: The "Awesome but unnecessary Zam Barrett sale order arrived the same day my employer announced layoffs of 600 people so now I'm drinking" edition.     Jacket - Berrini, yoox bargain Shirt - Club Monaco, thrift Jeans - APC, clearance Boots - Alden, thrifted by someone else who I don't think posts anymore
Yes by HF. If it fits and you really like it, go for it. Also, quick question for all you Saphir knowledgeables... do you go for the medaille d'or rennovateur, or the regular?
 Somewhat but not totally disagree, though certainly some pieces do better than others in the resale game. Having said that, most is not really my style, but I do have a thrifted VW shirt that I love, fits great and always gets compliments.
 I don't know man. I think you might have some issues in the nippel area.
 99% sure fake. I got a fake EZ suit on the bay a while back that resembled that. Given the vintage it appears to be, not sure pinstriped pants that old would have been a good kop even if real.  Also a cool store in Toronto...  So... apart from that, what are the shoes? Dibs anything good in 11.5-12D.  Oh hey, here's a semi thrift fit (damn I need a better setup):  Blazer - Local designer, customShirt- RLPL, clearance 80% offPants - Superdry, thriftBoots - Guidi, B&SRing -...
 FYI, it's 'Alexandre Plokhov.' Just go ahead and put any Alexanders back on the shelf... unless it's McQueen.  Nicely done... no fan of Barbour on younger guys but I feel like so many here (myself included) could learn from you when it comes to simple colour coordination and well-fitting garments. Keep it up! And now... guess who went out to the thrifts recently? Felt damn good to go slamming the racks. Found some stuff, too.  Recent Samuelsohn wool/cashmere SC Recent...
 +1, got a pair of light selvedge chinos, made in USA,  for like $30 a while back that I'm still quite happy with.  That has to be the thread's first hat haul. Nicely done.
   I believe it's the coat Mr. Burns was trying to make in that 101 Dalmatians parody episode of The Simpsons.
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