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  I don't know, I've had better experiences there than a lot of boutiques in North America and Europe. In terms of the buys, I don't pay attention to Rick which is a large percentage of their trade (the other being CPs), so I can't comment on that, but I think they have some nice pieces by good designers. And all their ma+ footwear was 50% off yesterday, which is crazy considering it's already the same prices in CAD as American shops charge. But yes, certainly they've had...
 But easy to do with a beat-up pair of Docs.
For anyone in Toronto curious about the Serpentine pop-up, it's basically three parts... a few Plokhov, L&F and I think Undercover outerwear pieces at $250 each, tops and pants from L&F, LeU, couple Rick, and Undercover for $100 each, and some brands I wasn't really familiar with (mostly tees) for $50 each. No changeroom, cash only. Worth checking out if you're into the aesthetic.
Just wanted to give a shout out to Zam... I picked up a couple of pieces recently I thought were particularly great: The red-stitch long sleeve T, which is soft, a great fit, with really nice details, and the minimalist pants in heavy linen, which are so warm and comfortable they're going to be my go-to winter pants. And of course, construction seems pretty much rock solid on both. Guys, buy his stuff.
Dude, you're giving punk way too much credit.   This is from a former punk.
I know there's a rule against sharing Grailed links here, but if ever there was cause for an exception, it's for the pictures in this listing for an Isaac Sellam jacket:   I wonder if it's from Russia
 Works on Taichi and ma+... brands I'm pretty sure never, or almost never, go on sale. Pretty good.
Thanks! They're brown Guidi 995s.
I think this is a tough time of year for selling items too... Black Friday started the sales season, and with Christmas coming, people tend to be a little more tapped out than usual.
Haha naw it was a variety of factors such as not wanting the temptation and also trying to hit up three stores in about 30 minutes on our super tight timeline, as we were technically there on a media trip.
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