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What the hell are you all talking about?
Got a cool spell in the city for a few days, finally comfortable enough for light outerwear during the day.  
 Be right back, going to write trend piece on rise of trashcore, make big money.
Now I'm thinking back to all those garbage bags I passed on my way home today. So many wasted waywt opportunities...   Instead I waited till I got home, and screwed up the photo.  
Calf 5-zip looking good. assuming the facial expression you have while wearing it out isn't of overthinking things.
 Yeah, whether you use the buzzword 'disruption' or not, Grailed is an example of someone creating a better way to do something than what was there before. Also has the added benefit of not being eBay. The scammers/lowballers unfortunately come with the success. I've had no problems with the items I've sold there, and they've all gone for the asking price give or take a couple of drops (but I also often inflate original prices for that reason).  I think I'm alone in having...
 What about like a waxed black denim? For some reason I've never quite liked drop crotch pants (part of the reason why I haven't gone further down the Rick path).
Hoping to get an opinion or two on the fit of this RO jacket, which I picked up for a song at a local consignment shop the other day (possibly from someone here? If so, thanks). Feels a little big to me, but doesn't seem so bad when I look at it in the mirror.   [[SPOILER]]
Not designer, but these are my favourite basic tees: http://www.amazon.de/Continental-Mens-Bamboo-T-Shirt-Black/dp/B00BYH79WU/ref=sr_1_6?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1439249797&sr=1-6&keywords=continental+clothing   They have a nice length, they're made of bamboo viscose and cotton so they're soft and drape well, they have a nice loose neck, and the price is right. The company mostly does wholesale for companies making graphic tees, but the shirts are quite nice on their own.
@Synthese and @StanleyVanBuren angles in your photos are really making the fits looks awesome. Stupid poses be damned.   From today's ever so welcome rainy day:  
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