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Double never mind... given the two posts below, I'm guessing it's not working after all.   PS It's working alright DM, just a little slow starting out.
DM7's site launches tonight? Iiiiiiiinteresting.
 Awesome find!
 But the other 1%... hoooo boy. Dry spell continues, so I'll post a thrift/discount fit. Pretty much the shape of thrifting for me at present.  Blazer - Robert Geller, B&SShirt - Club Monaco, thriftJeans - APC, discountBoots - Alden, someone here can't remember who sorry!
 Sweatpants are ruining it for me. Feel like some slubby jeans would work better there. Also, where'd you get the margellons on discount?  Put 'available' beside the pic of the find, and you can also put a disclaimer in your post that you're only looking for trades (and what you're looking for if there's anything specific) if that's the case. There's also a thrift buy/sell/trade thread, although I'm not sure how many people use it these days (haven't personally in a while).
  Heh, you married guys must just have to go for it whenever you can, hey.     Do you mean Harry Rosen? If so, no idea, but I have a pair too and they're awesome.   Nice looking fit. However... I'm no church-going man, but I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be buttoned one higher in a house of the Lord.   Sorry dude, my car dying has pretty much sunk my thrifting down to nothing. Still trying to figure out an alternative.
  Abito Privato is also really good, and I'd add the 'Lab' line as well because it's more youthful and fashion-forward.   Nowadays though I leave almost all PZ at the store because the heathens just don't appreciate it for whatever reason. (Been trying to sell a pair of NWOT silk/wool pants for six months now... nada. If anyone (48C, or 33/31) wants them for cost+shipping get at me.)
  99% sure it's fake, unless it has a content tag identical to what I've quoted below.     Looks real, made by Zegna. It's not the worst orphan to pick up either, the only downside is the hard 3 button stance and the fact that it's old.
  Great fit, man. One of my favourites from you. I feel like the solid tie really helps balance everything.     Bear in mind too it depends on what kind of store you're going to. VV/Savers are typically much larger than GW or SA. At the VVs around here you can spend 20 minutes just flipping through all the dress shirts alone. Shoes should never take you more than a few minutes though, unless like GMMcL said you smell smoke.
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