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 I believe you're supposed to kick the nearest cart.
 They probably won't be, but that's my size, so if they are, please kop!  Hey that thing is pretty awesome! What's the availability status?  Or if in doubt, just shit talk Toronto. That'll get a good reaction no matter what insignificant bump on the country you find yourself in.
 1) Why?2) What size?3) Go get them.
I think we've officially hit peak Belvest.
Double never mind... given the two posts below, I'm guessing it's not working after all.   PS It's working alright DM, just a little slow starting out.
DM7's site launches tonight? Iiiiiiiinteresting.
 Awesome find!
 But the other 1%... hoooo boy. Dry spell continues, so I'll post a thrift/discount fit. Pretty much the shape of thrifting for me at present.  Blazer - Robert Geller, B&SShirt - Club Monaco, thriftJeans - APC, discountBoots - Alden, someone here can't remember who sorry!
 Sweatpants are ruining it for me. Feel like some slubby jeans would work better there. Also, where'd you get the margellons on discount?  Put 'available' beside the pic of the find, and you can also put a disclaimer in your post that you're only looking for trades (and what you're looking for if there's anything specific) if that's the case. There's also a thrift buy/sell/trade thread, although I'm not sure how many people use it these days (haven't personally in a while).
New Posts  All Forums: