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@Benesyed Seconding the shorter hem feedback. Black derbies would also work nicely with the old Italian dude vibe of that fit.
@Bam!ChairDance Yeah but the constant drops and seemingly weekly Extra 10-20% off coupons push you to look back often. I'd say they've hit a good formula, if they're making any money off of it. And I have to imagine that what led to inflated retail prices everywhere is our desire for a deal.   @Ragechester Not my article, but thanks! I work in radio, but I think people generally prefer links to text.
Yoox and the whole sale culture in general is actually a major reason why I've spent more than I should in past on clothing I don't need. I've severely limited my purchases lately, keeping a very short list of things I really want and being OK with not getting them any time soon. Part of that involves almost never checking my Dreambox.   A while ago I interviewed this woman who got so tired of being trapped in online shopping addiction that she stopped buying things for...
Yeah sorry that was a joke.   I did have to look it up though.
What the hell are you all talking about?
Got a cool spell in the city for a few days, finally comfortable enough for light outerwear during the day.  
 Be right back, going to write trend piece on rise of trashcore, make big money.
Now I'm thinking back to all those garbage bags I passed on my way home today. So many wasted waywt opportunities...   Instead I waited till I got home, and screwed up the photo.  
Calf 5-zip looking good. assuming the facial expression you have while wearing it out isn't of overthinking things.
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