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  99% sure it's fake, unless it has a content tag identical to what I've quoted below.     Looks real, made by Zegna. It's not the worst orphan to pick up either, the only downside is the hard 3 button stance and the fact that it's old.
  Great fit, man. One of my favourites from you. I feel like the solid tie really helps balance everything.     Bear in mind too it depends on what kind of store you're going to. VV/Savers are typically much larger than GW or SA. At the VVs around here you can spend 20 minutes just flipping through all the dress shirts alone. Shoes should never take you more than a few minutes though, unless like GMMcL said you smell smoke.
  Next time just ask yourself... why would Zegna have Chinese tags?
Decided to go all MC today. Thrift fit:     Jacket ZZ, thrifted Shirt EZ, consignment Belt Polo, eBay Pants Incotex, outlet Shoes AE, thrifted
  Sorry dude, I got a lot of love for Levis but when it comes to dating vintage stuff or knowing anything about the ones that cost more than $40, I'm useless.     No and no.     This.   Sorry man, it's a really lovely jacket but just not for you. Please please please resist the urge to get it tailored down to your size, it's just too big everywhere. Sell it and use the money to buy something that fits.   If you're still on the fence, think of it this way... The purpose of...
  I know you've gotten a lot of kudos already, but well done sir. Makes me want to head out to the trenches right now.     Woah... anything in 12D?
  Hey, welcome back! Also, not sure if anyone replied, but that's Zegna.
  Nice find! However, I don't think you need to roll the sleeves. The length looks like it'd be perfect if you left them alone, and right now you're borderline showing too much cuff even for an MCish fit. For some reason the jacket made me think of a recent fit from WAYWT, also with sleeves rolled, but you can see the difference in length and effect (http://www.styleforum.net/t/164384/the-waywt-discussion-thread/98925#post_6503893)   Unless that was just a red herring to...
  Nice, what's the material on that Forme jacket? Something summer friendly?     Not even Unis? I always thought of it as more "MC"ish.   Also... jesus Nat. You've been killing it lately. And in the middle of the summer doldrums, too.
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