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Yeah, I've never felt the urge to look like a really awesome stoner. I'd let the enjoyment of the drug come from the after-effects of smoking it, rather than the nifty apparatus used to consume it.
I don't care for red boots but they look great in that @nicelynice fit.
@jsd642 That KKA jacket looks great on you. I'd been eyeing it as well, but glad it ended up in your hands.
 Did the mood lead you to put on any SW&D clothing? I mean, I like the fit, but it looks like MC Casual to me.
Thanks @Dirty Denim, I am leaning toward keeping. Will see whether it stretches much more in the next couple months.
 I love this Carpe leather shirt but it feels a bit too short all around. Not sure if it's worth keeping.  [[SPOILER]]
 Boo fucking hoo. Sincerely,Canada
From this morning, shortly before I ended up getting caught up in the Rob Ford funeral procession.  Will wear different boots next time I do a waywt, promise.  [[SPOILER]]
Similarly, this Coppens piece is dirt cheap and looks really cool.
One from me from the other day. Hoping this is winter's last hurrah.     Also damn, I gotta get my coat collar sorted.
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