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 Few waywts from two weeks in Germany (above) and Spain (below).  [[SPOILER]]
 It is... and if by 'lucky' you mean 'were OK with buying it second-hand,' then I sure am. There's this one on Rakuten that I'm pretty sure is the same: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/576815000708/ but sounds like you have something good coming your way. Didn't notice any CCP at suus, just A1923, ma+, m_moria... and a ton of beautiful winter coats that seemed borderline too warm for Spanish winters, including a gorgeous Forme one I would have bought if I...
 A bit late to the party but I have one of those WJK hoodies and it's one of my favourite items. Very heavy and stiff and very slim, but personally I love all those things about it. Zam's hoodies are quite nice too, not sure if he's planning to do wool ones again in the future those are really great. Also just to chime in on the store talk... I dropped by Suus in Madrid the other day. Didn't buy anything and made it clear early on I probably wasn't going to, but that...
 Hah no way, I went there for the first time ever that weekend. Wife and I were in Berlin as part of our honeymoon. Also what the hell, gone for two weeks and @Benesyed turned into the best waywt poster.
T-shirt looks nice, well done on the DIY.
 Think I found a good space for waywts...  [[SPOILER]]
I believe it's been said a number of times and in a number of ways that if this is your main concern, don't bother with what's discussed on SF. Just go to the gym, get ripped, and wear whatever the hell you want. Having said that, it's like any other aesthetic: depends on how you wear it, who you're trying to attract, and how good looking you are to start out with.
 Goth-ninja is threatening in a 'I wonder if this weirdo trust fund kid is going to try to stab me because of some manifesto he read on the internet' kind of way.
Anyone got an idea about what this one is? From a 'handmade in Italy,' canvassed Guy Laroche suit.   
 This conversation is playing out in another thread as well, but despite their brand connotations, Guidis are really versatile, especially in brown. I wear my brown 995s with everything from all-black shit to the remaining few pieces of heritage wear I have, to stuff bordering on mc casual. 
New Posts  All Forums: