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Spent the day hanging out with this little guy. I think I need to exchange him for something a little more on-brand.   [[SPOILER]]
I'm considering ordering an Incarnation leather jacket, but I have no experience with that label. Can anyone advise on fit? I'm a pretty slender build but probably wouldn't have a hope in hell of squeezing into nicelynice's ma+ biker. 
It's cool enough to wear a jacket!   (in my apartment, and at the office)  
Is it too tight to be worn fully zipped?
 I bought one, and can confirm that they are very nice, and at a very good deal if still available.
 They have two locations in Montreal I believe. I've only been to the Old Port one (about a year ago), it was pretty nice, but they told me they kept a lot of the more niche brands online-only. Still cool to handle some Haider. The Simons on St. Catherine also had BBS and Damir last time I was there. 
I mean, I'm not an animal.
A lot of you guys seem to be operating in an existence where it isn't like 34°C all the time.   
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