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Ah, too bad about the minimalists. Wide top block is like the most common issue people have with (non-DNA) Zam pants though, right? Glad the shirt worked for you.
From the other day, busted out this beloved old Ann D suit to go pay some Christmas visits.   [[SPOILER]]
  Hey man, loved your latest fit pic.  [[SPOILER]]
  I don't know, I've had better experiences there than a lot of boutiques in North America and Europe. In terms of the buys, I don't pay attention to Rick which is a large percentage of their trade (the other being CPs), so I can't comment on that, but I think they have some nice pieces by good designers. And all their ma+ footwear was 50% off yesterday, which is crazy considering it's already the same prices in CAD as American shops charge. But yes, certainly they've had...
 But easy to do with a beat-up pair of Docs.
For anyone in Toronto curious about the Serpentine pop-up, it's basically three parts... a few Plokhov, L&F and I think Undercover outerwear pieces at $250 each, tops and pants from L&F, LeU, couple Rick, and Undercover for $100 each, and some brands I wasn't really familiar with (mostly tees) for $50 each. No changeroom, cash only. Worth checking out if you're into the aesthetic.
Just wanted to give a shout out to Zam... I picked up a couple of pieces recently I thought were particularly great: The red-stitch long sleeve T, which is soft, a great fit, with really nice details, and the minimalist pants in heavy linen, which are so warm and comfortable they're going to be my go-to winter pants. And of course, construction seems pretty much rock solid on both. Guys, buy his stuff.
Dude, you're giving punk way too much credit.   This is from a former punk.
I know there's a rule against sharing Grailed links here, but if ever there was cause for an exception, it's for the pictures in this listing for an Isaac Sellam jacket:   I wonder if it's from Russia
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