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Depends on the boots. For my black 995s, mostly slim black and grey cotton, linen or wool pants. For my brown 995s, anything from black or blue jeans to grey dress slacks.
 My wife, upon seeing Season 6: 'Wow, everyone's right, you do look like him.'
I mean, if we're posting photos with our vices...   [[SPOILER]]
 Fair enough, just the thing I've heard most often. And having Kramer-ed my way into a pair of Z-1s, I can attest that there are other quite slim Zam pants.
Ah, too bad about the minimalists. Wide top block is like the most common issue people have with (non-DNA) Zam pants though, right? Glad the shirt worked for you.
From the other day, busted out this beloved old Ann D suit to go pay some Christmas visits.   [[SPOILER]]
  Hey man, loved your latest fit pic.  [[SPOILER]]
  I don't know, I've had better experiences there than a lot of boutiques in North America and Europe. In terms of the buys, I don't pay attention to Rick which is a large percentage of their trade (the other being CPs), so I can't comment on that, but I think they have some nice pieces by good designers. And all their ma+ footwear was 50% off yesterday, which is crazy considering it's already the same prices in CAD as American shops charge. But yes, certainly they've had...
 But easy to do with a beat-up pair of Docs.
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