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As positive as I can be: at least they don't look as bad as the boot version.
@myshoeiswet Ah right on, the heel reminded me of l&f. They look great.
 Thirding (fourthing?) the love for donkey leather. My donkey 995s are the first 'artisanal' boots I've owned, still have them and still wear them all the time. This is them shortly after conditioning... the original laces cacked ages ago. They look weirdly green in this pic.   Hot take: I've always used shoe trees with Guidis. Hell, there are shoe trees in that pair above. I put shoe trees in all my boots when I take them off at the end of the day. In the case of footwear...
 Fit looks fine, jacket maybe a bit bulky for the tightness of the pants. Are you playing airplane in the first pic?  Are those... L&F boots?
    If these IG pics are anything to go by, it's his way of graduating from knocking off other designers within the niche, to knocking off literally anything.
End of the week, figured I'd post a couple of pics as I'm actually decently happy with how this turned out.   Outdoors     Indoors     SS/PB/L&F/ZB/TLC
@FrankCowperwood that latest fit of yours seems really different from most of your stuff, but it's great. Assuming those boots are the same ones you posted in the Artisanal thread? Look great.   However, not to be that guy... but your quote is actually from Ned Flanders.
 Cloak x Han Solo. It looks a bit costume-y, but I love it, especially with the belt. Also great fit @the shah, textures and proportions are incredible. This thread's on a roll, Let's kill some of the momentum: 
 Serious question: why not? I'm genuinely curious as to what he thinks of his brand being restarted without him.
Forme is great. I bought my wife a double breasted suit of hers a few years ago, and it's one of her favourite pieces.   That coat is gorgeous, and I'd consider buying it off you if it was pure wool. Hope it goes to a good home.
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