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Thank you sir! They look great! I was late for the Epaulet MTO. I just bought a pair from Carmina online store last night. Hoping that the shade of cognac looks similar to alden cigar. As far as the sleekness, I am planing to wear them with jeans, I guess i will have to try them on before determine if the shape of the carmina longwing work for me or not. 
Any wild pictures of the Carmina shell longwing? Thanks in advance!
TSM has some larger size of cigar LWB and LHS. You might wanna give them a call.
After viewing this cigar LWB. I just hope that the factory are making the captoe boot with the same batch of shell. Looks really good!!
^agree. Like them even more with reverse welt.
They now have the suede dover for 20% off.   http://www.denimbaronline.com/collections/alden
I know it might sound crazy. But anyone have experience with converting indy to tanker boot? 
Brand new factory seconds Offer is welcome
What a great picture! By the way, what shoe tree do you use on them? I was looking at those C&J tree. They are quite expensive.
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