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I am planning to do it myself. Can you tell me a little bit more on what products should be used for stripping and dying cordovan? Thanks
My plan is to leave them in the sun for a month then use dark brown cordovan cream to darken them.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I will leave them out in the sun for a month and post some pictures then.
I thought about that. But they appear in two different color. Left shoe is reddish and right shoe is brownish. Not sure which shoe is darker.
So I got this pair of used Marlow knowing that the color mismatch problem. One shoe from the older batch. Is there a way to fix it? What products would you recommend me using to bring the color closer to each other? Thanks in advance.
The Jcrew boot has flat welt and the LWB has reverse welt. I think that's why the boot is shorter.
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