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Hey guys, I have a medical school interview coming up and would like to look my best. I guess I don't wear ties often enough, since I have to make a conscious effort every time I want to get a normal looking knot. My biggest problem is that whenever I try to emulate one of Spoo et al's tie knots I seem to get a tie knot behind a tie knot, if that makes any sense. The front of it looks OK, but the profile looks very awkward. I seem to be replicating what is in the videos,...
Thanks very much!
Under $200
I'm in need of a white shirt with no pleats, or chest pockets, and with MOP buttons and button cuffs.   KW came first to mind but he is out of button cuffs, and the M2M isn't an option at the moment since I need it relatively soon.   Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!
What do you guys think? I have a KW charcoal suit, of which I ripped the pants, and untimely enough my navy blazer was altered terribly to the point where I feel like I have a straitjacket on.    I'm ordering another pair of the suit pants and a navy jacket from him, but there will be a few weeks wait as it is M2M.   In the meantime, is there any acceptable combination of the jacket + odd pants? 
My fucking socks were indeed worn. I forgot to snap a picture of the shoes so I took one from the summer.
Was a "warm" day in NYC yesterday         
Obsessive compulsive button down   or oxford cloth. Can't remember which one
I'm 24 and my Marlow wingtips are my dailys. Love them
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