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Let's get these sold! Leaving the country in two weeks. $95 OBO!
 This. It comes up time and again, and I'm still baffled as to how people are squiggling into their little petite jeans, it's pretty ridiculous. It really all depends on your body type--judging by those that fit into 27, 28, and 29s, their entire bodies are likely to be a lot skinnier and more probably fitting when it comes to how the PS/PNS are supposed to fit according to proportions. But when bigger guys like myself, (true waist 33), our proportions are less scaled to...
Mine looked similar... and they never felt quite right (even after a month of hard wear). Even going to 32 didn't do it for me. I'm doing 33 PNS now. So the answer? Yes, size up.
damn, you're awesome. but really the thighs won't ever stretch much--don't chance it I'd say. I'm ordering a pair that I can button up with ease, but I squat a lot and have pretty large thighs.
Ditto. I would definitely go with PNS--it tapers about the same, but with more top block space.
I definitely tried the whole stuffing the legs with towels too--to no avail. My petits just always stayed so snug that I decided it wouldn't stretch anymore. The thighs in general don't stretch very much, and because of that very reason--they aren't put under too much stress. But even with my pair, I have pretty large quads going into the 32 PS and they still never really stretched much.
Same denim used to make the jean, so it will probably have little give. The waist will most definitely stretch--it did with more on both pairs, more than enough. But the problem was the entire top block never stretched (whole junk area+thighs) so it was just unbearable. I wore mine cuffed and got plenty of compliments on the cuffed look, and will continue to wear my next pair cuffed!
NYliguy, from my experience with my PS (both 31 and 32) the thighs didn't stretch much (if at all) even with a good month of HARD wear, so I decided to give up on them. Looks like the thighs are usually the limiting factor with APCs. Going to get PNS 33 (I'm the same as you--usually wear a 32 or 33 in pants/trou).
Petit Standards up for grabs, haven't worn them in a couple weeks. I had sized from 31s to 32s to find that my thighs just won't fit. Looking to get these to someone else so I can get my hands on a pair of Petit New Standards which is likely more fitting for me.   Waist has stretched a tad, but what I find with the Petit Standards is that the top block is the limiting factor--regardless of whether or not you have a stretched out waist, the entire top portion of the...
Looking to sell my pair of Petit Standards that I've had for awhile. I bought this pair first, and the thighs just never got around to fitting, namely because of my quads (from squatting heavy)! Want to get these to someone who can appreciate them, and fund my purchase of the Petit New Standards which fit better for me.   Worn for about 1 month in the 2 years I've had the jean. Lots of life left, the camera brings out the contrast a lot more than I can tell in person,...
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