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Cool. i like how the honeycombs aren't overly crazy
yeah! but i think i enjoyed 'No Country for Old Men' more in this category
@bure - i think the 27s will be fine. I sized down 3 as well; after having them for 6 weeks, wearing them about 3x/week, the entire upper block has really let out and is really comfortable even through the thighs.
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen Whether I'll be wearing the items in 20 years is hard to say, but it does make it easier for me to justify certain purchases now. Also, I was mostly referring to purchasing items such as boots and coats as investments. Honestly, tee shirts and jeans aren't the same, but I am extremely picky about buying something. If I am not 100% certain that I'll wear something, I no longer buy it. In honesty I feel like I am getting...
There's no garrish back-pocket stitching either
OK i'm definetely in the market for some black boat shoes now
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB iTunes Playing: Harmony In Blue I by Tim Hecker from the record Harmony In Ultraviolet i've noticed you have great taste in music.
Quote: Originally Posted by kitonbrioni Kiton sportscoat Brioni polo Zegna chinos Trafalgar belt Zegna socks Lucchese boots well played.
wow, this is much different from the 2007 list
Slightly off topic, but are zara pants/jeans vanity sized (i.e. size down one?)
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