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The waxed-poplin hoody looks awesome. i wish they had a jacket similar to this, as hoodies aren't really my style
@cielo, that's awesome. everything there is great
^ well i for one, would probably stop in the store and take a look at the black selvedge model.
Man, I really hate that name But it never hurts to have another solid denim company out there.
the oxford might be worth a look if it's around $40
Quote: Originally Posted by Hummingbird Just ordered one of the Save Khaki long sleeve button ups, here's to hoping it's worth the very reasonable $58.50. It seems an odd but unique shirt. It appears to be a slightly distressed high grade t-shirt material, but cut like a button up. Probably a great alternative to a long sleeve tee? Ha, i grabbed one of these in the same color. I have high hopes for this shirt
Do you have any kind of measurements for the Save Khaki long sleeves? I'm trying to decide between a medium or a small.
Quote: Originally Posted by bapelolol do NC's stretch a lot in the seat/crotch area? i know the waist stretches out but how about the rest of the top block probably, the first few times i wore my NS they were so tight i was literal pain, now after wearing ~20 times they are totally comfortable. i'd assume the NCs wouldn't be much different.
None within 2hrs of me. Guess i'm doomed to paying $40 for them
Quote: Originally Posted by falsestart apc tie, armani lace ups, sd1002 oops , still working on how to post jpgs so this attachment will have to do[/quote] This is a great haul!
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