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when you have untanned leather like the bracelet, what do you have to do to get it looking nice? or do you just wear it, and let the magic happen?
will the chronicles of never stock include any shoes?
any chance of getting a basic pocket on the shirt?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Speaking of jean dying, I realize that a lot of people dye their jeans black but how about dying their jeans a dark blue-ish color? I have a pair that has been faded pretty well and I rather liked the raw dark blue look, how plausible is that? someone made a thread here about doing exactly that. i seem to remember he just used equal parts black dye and indigo dye, and it turned out rather awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus I hit up the sewing machine for about an hour to slim up some tee's so I'll actually wear them, here's some before and after action. that is actually a huge improvement! i've been thinking about getting a sewing machine to do this kind of thing, how hard is it to actually pull off something like this?
this spring i got the 'thursday' hoodie that you see at revolve, and a few of the affiliates. the quality of the materials and construction is a step up from your usual mall brands, although $180 might be a little high. it was exactly what i was looking for so i just bit the bullet
this is the post i needed 8 months ago
what size is the model wearing in this YMC jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by GY!BE maahaha good we take our names from the same source
i will definitely try this in the future. it looks like the finished product is wearable and pretty cool. i wonder if there is a similar DIY to make waxed cotton garments??
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