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Recently picked these up on here and while I love them they are unfortunately too small. I remember when these dropped and it was hard to justify the retail price tag but I will tell you after handling them they are certainly the real deal. Shoes are used but only a few wears on them. Just looking to get what I put in to them, $185 shipped CONUS plus 4% for paypal fees.    For reference I typically wear a 9.5 in AE. PM with any questions, Thanks for looking!
Wait what? Does the mr. Porter sale continue to increase percentage off?
unable to locate the listing. link?
Have some double monkstraps sitting in your closet? I'd like to buy them. looking for a pair in new or like new condition or used for the right price. If you have a pair you might want to get rid of please message me to discuss pricing. Thanks!
I do if they get particularly wet. 
Optodoc,   I see a chestnut listed as an option but no walnut. Is this the color you are referring to?
double post
Looking for a belt to wear with my walnut Strands as the one I've been using does not work well. Did a little searching but couldn't find a good answer on this. Has anyone purchased a belt from Narragansett or Austin Jeffers to wear with walnut strands? Hard to tell what would work well from the online pictures. Any input is appreciated.
I recently bought a pair from Aldo but it seems that after a week of wear the insoles are destroyed. How long have you been using these?
That was easy
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