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Optodoc,   I see a chestnut listed as an option but no walnut. Is this the color you are referring to?
double post
Looking for a belt to wear with my walnut Strands as the one I've been using does not work well. Did a little searching but couldn't find a good answer on this. Has anyone purchased a belt from Narragansett or Austin Jeffers to wear with walnut strands? Hard to tell what would work well from the online pictures. Any input is appreciated.
I recently bought a pair from Aldo but it seems that after a week of wear the insoles are destroyed. How long have you been using these?
That was easy
I believe the uppers are sewn in china. It was heavily discussed on this thread if I remember right. Not sure if that is true of just the classics but I think it'd be difficult to do MTO's in china then finished in Mallorca.
Yeah it seems like everyone who orders trees has to pay. Some slip through unnoticed without trees.
Nice! Aieyric. Have you treated them with anything or polished them since picking them up?
Anybody have any pictures of the dark brown double monks after some wear? Been thinking about these for awhile wanted to see how they hold up.
This is getting crazy.
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