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Been looking for a pair of jodhpurs and saw that an mto group recently finished up. So did anyone order a pair in 9UK but not want them anymore?
I have two pairs of Bill's khakis that aren't getting much use in my current rotation. Both are in excellent shape and are the popular m3 model. Both are 30x31 with 1-1.5 inches to let out of the inseam and tapered to a 7.5" leg opening. Asking $45 each shipped CONUS Update: Only the red pair is left, and just for clarification I believe the color is what you'd call Nantucket Red
I have a beaufort in size 40 with little to no wear that I would be interested in trading for a 38 or even more interested in a size 38 bedale. Please message me if you have one you are looking to trade. 
Anyone have any recent repair/resoling done? just wondering what the usual turn around time is.
I measured 18 inches for the shoulders.
I picked up two of these recently, a 38r and a 40r. The 38r fit me better so I need to unload the other jacket. It is new with tags. I have included a stock photo from Suit Supply, if you would like others or questions please pm me.  Nice jacket, got a chance to wear the 38 recently. price dropped to $110 shipped. P2P: 20 inches Sleeve: 25 inches BOC to hem: 30 inches functional buttons
Interested in that as well. Camp soles are useless in wet conditions and wear down too easily.
Recently picked these up on here and while I love them they are unfortunately too small. I remember when these dropped and it was hard to justify the retail price tag but I will tell you after handling them they are certainly the real deal. Shoes are used but only a few wears on them. Just looking to get what I put in to them, $185 shipped CONUS plus 4% for paypal fees.    For reference I typically wear a 9.5 in AE. PM with any questions, Thanks for looking!
Wait what? Does the mr. Porter sale continue to increase percentage off?
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