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Bought from another member here about a year ago, have only used about 5 times since purchase. Is still in flawless condition. Don't have any set price in mind, will take any cash offer.    Refer to previous thread for pictures:   Edit - Asking $200 shipped.
Woulda insta kopped if those gats were 44-45 instead. GL selling.
You can get them for $300 on TBS (sold out atm on white). Also suggest checking B&S and ebay often since they come up a lot. Definitely not worth $500.
Since we're on the subject of selling...i'm selling a BNWT Indigo Melange Stark in large. Realized that I will not be using this in Miami weather very often, asking same price as other guy if anyone's interested.
Quote: Just sent an email for a large Indigo Melange as well, hopefully I can still get one. Thanks a lot dude.
Can't decide between CDG Play or Stark cardigan.  I feel the Stark is a better value but the Play is so enticing.   Stark comes out slightly cheaper too.
Ann D boots in 43, never seem to find any in 44 :(
I'll take this off your hands if you happen to have it a month from now (which I highly doubt). Spent too much this month already.
Funny how a 30-45 min flight ends up costing so much. Not to mention how they rape you with chavitos (sp?), and hustle you for tips at the airport.    
Measurements? Thanks.
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