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Why not? Makes for super-easy on/off... That said, not a must, just a preference.   $500 max.
Prefer a dark brown with a zipper, if possible.   Two of the ones that I have found thus far that I like are the:   Andrew Marc Hillcrest:     and the Hudson Angus:   Anyone know of any others I should consider that are similar to the above?
I have owned PUMA socks forever and they are incredibly soft and comfortable. Now however, I cannot seem to identify the same ones as there are so many versions available.   Some are mostly poly and spandex while others are cotton, poly and spandex.   I just bought the Nike Dri-Fits which get great reviews but I dont think they are very soft at all.   Recommendations?
Ideally with a zipper.   The Rogue "Pakir" is exactly what im looking for but I cant find stock anywhere.     Anyone have any ideas for other brands?
I cant seem to find any undershirts that are low enough V's that they are hidden when wearing a dress shirt open.   Has anyone tried the 60/40 blend from Hanes? Are they breathable?   Ive always used American Apparel which are great but they are somewhat expensive and I find that they dont hold their shape...
When looking to taper a dress shirt, do you prefer to have your tailor take-in the sides or pin the back? (i think thats what its called; they fold over small bits of fabric in the back of the shirt as opposed to cutting the sides of the shirt).   The former runs me $20 here in NYC while the latter costs $12.   Which look/fit do you prefer?
Ideally something made specifically for men but open to all recommendations.   Thanks!
Yes! Thank you.
This style in particular...where the stitching runs all the way around the front of the shoes. Is there a name for it?  
Am looking for a nice lightweight Henley that either has a little poly or stretch in it, so that it maintains its shape. I love J Crews all cotton ones but one go in the dryer and they shrink at least a size.   American Apparel ones are good but I find they are a little too fitted and are more suited for cold weather.   Any ideas?
New Posts  All Forums: