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I really like Kamakura, but even in their slimmest Tokyo Slim fit, I still feel the chest and arms are a bit baggy and im not a super slim guy.   Of trhe usual suspects in this range (Suit Supply, Kamakura, Proper Cloth, Charles Tyrwhitt, etc), who makes the slimmest fit shirt?   Thanks in advance.
Just bought these Magnanni Monk Straps.   Its a beautiful shoe but the sole is bothering me. I knew it had a rubber sole but now that I have it at home and am walking around in it...it just doesnt feel like a quality shoe, because the bottom feels almost like a stiff sneaker. I want it to have that stiff leather sound/feel that a sharp dress shoe should have (IMO).   I took it to a great cobbler in my neighborhood and he said he could replace it with a leather...
Beautiful shoes but I dont find the Carminas or Meermin to be quite as sleek as the Mezlans or Magnannis. The JFP are super-nice too but out of my range.
Hello all-   I have a found a couple I like by Magnanni and Mezlan; looking for more brands that are similar to these and that have a more Euro style (point toes, sleeker profile, etc).   Would like to stay under 3/350, if possible.   Thanks.
I have a couple of pairs of pants that have lining on the front of the leg but not the back. Id like to have the backs done by my tailor.   was wondering if anyone knew what this might cost, what material should be used and other general things to consider?   Thanks in advance.
I actually found their Ludlow line to be a bit scratchy and too crisp.
Just wondering if the cotton softens with washing and if the quality stands up over time.
I like a slightly taller and thicker collar band as it allows the collar to stay up and remain stuff under a jacket or sweater.   Ive tried all types of collar stays (including Workin Stiffs) but I dont find them to be a good replacement for a quality band.   Eredi Pisano makes great bands but the shirts are too expensive for me.   Any other suggestions? (sub $125)
Looking for something of a bit higher quality than the typical "10 piece mens grooming sets" you see n Amazon or Ebay.   Not necessarily looking for the most expensive, nor do I need an extensive set, just the basic tools but high quality and in a solid carrying case for travel.   Thanks in advance-
New Posts  All Forums: