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Are there still lncc codes?
What are these?
Ive been eyeing this forme blazer,feel like we've been looking at alot of the same blazers.
aaaaaahhhhhhh ahhhh panic!
Deposit paid!
I lived in Paris for 3 as a teenager, moving from there to Madrid after that was like night and day best time of my life in Madrid. I speak near perfect French and I'm not american so I didn't get any of that hate, but being in a French middle school was awful.
Tried on a rick mule jacket from fw12 the sleeves were so tight they bruised my arm
Get Vape pen :-) I've been vaping for over 2 years now.
I have a poeme coat in the same vein def not as nice as zam but fills the gap well
Buy some chucks and some paint then go to the diy thread.
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