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Looks like it tastes of blueberries.
I don't think anyone stands in line for a fucking phone because its a status symbol. They stand in line because they are to dumb to use the internet. Before you say well they have an iPhone, they must know how to internet; clearly you've never spoken to someone that works at an apple store/call center..
Even with a 4" lift, I still find my self looking up at other peoples cars very often in Colorado.
You can have the sides taken in but the tailor will want to do the easier dart option which will look fucking silly.
I got my DR yesterday!
I'd say A1923 fits half a size big. Just my opinion tho.
Speaking of cell phones and shit, I have 2 invites for the 64gb one plus one. First two people that hmu get them free.
They're hideous and beat to shit.
I have it, makes me feel like I'm in a post apocalyptic world.
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