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Any decent pricing on MA+ any where?
Cries.... So what are some good alternatives for us with big feet, looking for more structured back zips with bulbous toes, I don't like the pointy CCP style toe box (I already have guidis.) MA+ ?
seriously why is isachenko in this forum, you hate us, you hate our style, go over to mc casual.
The trousers are nice ^
Does WJK not make a 44?
Yes, yes you may
Guys please don't yell at me for this n00b question. But where can I get Jun backzips in a true 44.5?
zamb goes above and beyond! We don't have a size 50 in stock but no worries we'll tailor a 52 down.
Synth I like that coat, wish I could make out the pattern better, perfect fit for the weather today. Finally sunny in boulder after 5 days of 8° F highs. I'm wearing my LUC farmers jacket.
Rick geobaskets make decent snowboots.
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