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They sell this at the commissary in prison.
I wouldn't even bother ordering Guidi's that I can't get measurements for, its a total crapshoot. In my experience though I've noticed two trends, newer guidi is less oversized, boots with laces are more oversized than those with zips. Still not much help I know.
Sure, I know this has probably been asked before but for a 44.5 should I get CCP 9 or 10 or does it vary between lined and unlined?
I don't think so sinned I have those in black I got them from darklands
Chair repair? The white thing is an airbed for a friend that's visiting and is normally where a fake Barcelona chair resides
A1923 Parlay ZB A1923 Need a proper camera.
Lamb all day
Lamb, much thinner and softer than the baseball jacket.
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