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I whole heartedly disagree. Now that I own a motorcycle I scoff at all you poseurs with biker jackets who don't ride (even though I was one).
It smells like lavander! Even the its an edc it lasts longer than any EDP I own.
Tassos should get less crap and focus on getting me my high neck. (5)
That's my favorite cologne ever.
1 great sneaker is better than 3 ugly ones.
I love love love the color blocked double breasted uma Wang with the fringe bottom.
North sea clithing: If not does anyone have any ideas for a turtleneck?
Sorry, I think I had an aneurism when I saw louboutin in the last bastion of decency in sf.
PS they're all fucking hideous.
This is not the baller sneaker thread there's one for that and its pretty much as dead as baller sneakers
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