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Ten c If 6 was 9 BBS Guidi
Fuck dude too small.. Feel like these don't get much attention. A1923 buffalo
Spope I saw you on the street the other day from my car. The hair is no working bud. Otherwise killer fit.
I've returned every pair of RO jeans I've ever purchased. I feel that the patterns are poorly graded and only fit well on smaller guys with 30 inch waist and smaller
The real question is will IE ever deliver FW 14? Is IE dead?
He owns MA+ hence why I suggested LUC.
Back zips in bison I actually think the jacket is the reverse side of the same leather
Aether I feel like your style has degenerated and the facial hair ain't helpin'
Jacket MA+ Belt MA+ Boots MA+ Jeans LUC No vis: Shirt devoa Jewellery: goti, werksatt, chin teo, black sheep and prodigal sons
New Posts  All Forums: