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Pinterest for #menswear
Hey I missed it what is eck selling now?
Acne jeans work for a specific body type. I've tried many different fits and they don't work for me however they all look great on my brother in law now , even though were the same waist size he has very slim thighs. If you lift/cycle/ski a lot there are better option such as Somet/BBS/IE and rick Owens Torrence cut
Those are hideous. Even in what ever #menswear outfit you plan to wear them in.
I'm stewing over that bergfabel. Been trying to get ahold of him with no luck whatsoever. A month ago he asked me where I was located and then no more replies. I tried being more specific a week ago and saying I wanted to purchase a blazer in a 52 and nowt.
^ great advice. Getting my 988s done up with a lug vibram sole to counteract the meat sock.
They never have my sizes at those shops : \ I would def wear red drips.
Where are those shots from?
Bring us FW 14 already!
LoL I went to buy them today and they were gone!
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