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^ Seriously though which monstrosities do you guys think are best A1923 Hand Painted lace ups, or guidi metal plated?
Yeah they have good prices. The problem wasn't that it was a mistake, it was how it was handled, they called me a liar even after sending them proof. I'm sure they didn't receive the money and the problem was their bank, but there was no assistance from them at all. Helps to preorder like Eton and eck were saying, I bought some SFTM FW14-15 at a large discount from cruvoir alike 4 months ago. Its understable that it would work that way, if you preorder the shop has very...
^ I feel the pockets placement on IE pants makes your bum look flat
Now I know who stole the LUC jeans from under my nose!! I saw a bunch more pics of A1923 SS15 and im not really impressed with neon colors that everyone is doing. Also I would stay away from serie noire, they charged me for a jacket and never shipped anything, claimed I never paid them, I had to file a claim with AMEX and then serie noire sent me nasty emails for weeks. These Guidi's are seriously great debating between these and the painted A1923s
1 year mark!
I wear my boots hand shoed hard, pretty much everyday I alternate between 4 pairs of CCP, 3 pairs of guidi and 2 pairs of A1923, I find myself resolving heels about once a year on average
Guidis take a few weeks to break in for sure and are uncomfortable for 5 days at most. The reason why they become so comfortable is that they come tight and then mold to your foot, if they werent uncomfortable at first they wouldnt be as comfortable in the end. I'm a big fan of the double sole guidis like the 788Z, more structure, less meat sock.
Guidis are like slippers comfortable, moo just loves to shave against the grain.
I wonder how these age over time
Hah eton97 we already talked about the high neck its ordered already! Remember you sold me those two derbies..
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