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He refuses to give me measurements even though I've spent over 5k with him just this year. He gives sizing advice and argues with me when I disagree with it. He tried pushing me into a sz 52 A1923 jacket I finally got measurements from elsewhere and I'm so glad I got the 54 instead..
Sent Campbell a message, god I hate dealing with him.
Seriously if any one sees those A1923 strap sneakers in all black to fit a 44.5 give me a shout
And sold!
Torrence cut is better for people with big thighs (coming from a guy with 24" thighs)
Stitchy if those MA+ don't work out hmu
Abraxois if you ever want to sell one you're the same size as me and my cotton one feels lonely.
Does anyone know anything about sizing barny nakhle?
What are these? where? 
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