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Although I do want that Ann d great coat
Honestly at this point theres very little I'm willing to part with shoe wise
I can hear you all drooling through the interwebs
My CCP boots are 10 with insoles derbies are 9 no insoles. A1923 44 except for the buffalo which are 43.
Yeah, synth I think were the same size in everything actually
Also some MMM and alden from my work wardrobe but I assume those aren't quite what you're interested in.
I have 2 pairs of CCP diagonal zips, 3 pairs of CCP derbies, 1 A1923 double zip, 1 A1923 diagonal, 2 A1923 tall lace ups, 1 A1923 derby, 3 guidi lace ups boots, 3 guidi back zips, 1 MA+ backzip and 1 IS workboot.
CUBS PTC 19. Pants are LUC breadbag jeans. They're perfect for winter very warm and partially lined.
That's pretty damn expensive
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