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Yeah I ordered an mdr changed to a bcqdr I don't know when changed It will get here when it gets here. When it comes to sizing do not doubt charly or make tiny adjustments especially on your first jacket. My only regret is not getting a fishtail when they were around.
In that range for a moto I think a TOJ is a the go to
I never understood the stooges, prefer the instarsia, mollino and bauhaus
So,its a women's piece by haider
According to him they are pretty new just distressed then I look at how worn out the heels are...
Or longmont..
Dorje are you a fellow Boulderite?
I think dorje is saying that with black leggings and a CU hoodie synth would look like a typical girl at CU.
what are these? either way they're great!
Serie noir
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