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Tried on a rick mule jacket from fw12 the sleeves were so tight they bruised my arm
Get Vape pen :-) I've been vaping for over 2 years now.
I have a poeme coat in the same vein def not as nice as zam but fills the gap well
Buy some chucks and some paint then go to the diy thread.
Paris, smh. Je m'en fiche de paris et surtout des parisiens. Il y a pas des gens plus detestable sur le planet.
After 25 emails I got my money back from Serie Noire's sketchy billing company (which serie noire claimed never to have recieved) now what to do with the cash, buy a zamb leather, viridi Anne blazer? Def not trying to buy that rick from srrie noire again.
I'm pretty sure this is actually their financial institution's fault. That doesnt excuse their poor communication or the fact that I had to send them a receipt, screenshot of their website, sxreenshot of my account and a statement from my bank for them to believe I placed an order. If I open a claim it will take a lot longer to get my money back than if they just give it back.
Thinking of opening a claim on the black intarsia from serie noire, paying a bit more and getting a zamb leather, I already have a hammered dust intarsia anyways. Dealing with serie noire has been a nightmare. They respond to my emails every 5 days. Why have I never received good customer care from a French shop.
Yeah I ordered an mdr changed to a bcqdr I don't know when changed It will get here when it gets here. When it comes to sizing do not doubt charly or make tiny adjustments especially on your first jacket. My only regret is not getting a fishtail when they were around.
In that range for a moto I think a TOJ is a the go to
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