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That thing is cool 4est. I loved my 95swb. This is my 2000 has about 10k worth of modifications.
I love the hender scheme AF1s but I have yet to see them in a 44...
Looks dope^^ Ive been on the hunt for a size 5 hoodie but no luck...
Get the Julius and go down the rabbit hole.
Hard to tell, my diesel blue Harrington looks more green/grey tinted but couldbe lighting
^don't get your hopes up.
Speaking of DRs charly said the TOJ I ordered in 6/2013 will ship before the end of the decade.
Hope you get applecare so you can get your phone replaced after you sit on it.
Get rolfed
Waiting on my CORS high neck is in the hands of the gods as well. I did get an overlock to tide me over
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