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I think in the same vein of japanese high quality denim meets minimalist sensibilities the somet high rise tapereds are unbeatable.
Meant to quote this.. [/quote]
This makes me want to take a pair of Guidi meat socks to the cobbler. And put some massive fuck off lugs on em.
Or making shoes for man size feet.. I mean at least make an 11?
Received address confirmation email, fears have still not been assuaged.
I think CCP boots work incredibly well in the sort of dark western thin I've been doing. I really like the sillouette, I'm thinking of getting the uppers wet in an effort to shrink them a bit
That thing is cool 4est. I loved my 95swb. This is my 2000 has about 10k worth of modifications.
I love the hender scheme AF1s but I have yet to see them in a 44...
Looks dope^^ Ive been on the hunt for a size 5 hoodie but no luck...
Get the Julius and go down the rabbit hole.
New Posts  All Forums: