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Snug>loose any day. Eventually snug turns in to perfect if you can stand a little pain.
Speaking about large thighs. Rick jeans are terrible for guys with large thighs except for the Torrence. BBS is much much better in general, now there are two versions of the classic p13 an R and T. If you're bug get the R. Secondly IE. Benesyed needs to stop shopping for leftover shit on yoox, problem solved.
I prefer lined. Does that shop happen to be darklands Berlin?
I should have set up a snipe istead I thought nah I'll remember.
So you're the one!!
I can't wait for my high neck. Getting close to 6 months, Tassos is going to Milan this week hopefully either my suit or the jacket are done.
Still need a 4 more racks to fit everything into the great wall of shoe. Maybe a ladder too..
Guys how have you sized MA+ ? Campbell is telling me to tts but he always wants me to buy tops that are too small and pants that are too big.
What was that Japanese store that was selling the bergfabel? Brad could you help me buy it?
It was my scarf and she literally stole it from my apartment when I let her use the apartment because she liked using it as a blanket. So I kindly asked her to mail it back to me.
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