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Margiela has never been the pinnacle of manufacturing, but I've never seen margiela boots without the stamp on the sole or the stitch on the back even rather old ones.
That's a wonky bottle to fake^
How do you know they're fake? Would love to learn more.
I think in the same vein of japanese high quality denim meets minimalist sensibilities the somet high rise tapereds are unbeatable.
Meant to quote this.. [/quote]
This makes me want to take a pair of Guidi meat socks to the cobbler. And put some massive fuck off lugs on em.
Or making shoes for man size feet.. I mean at least make an 11?
Received address confirmation email, fears have still not been assuaged.
I think CCP boots work incredibly well in the sort of dark western thin I've been doing. I really like the sillouette, I'm thinking of getting the uppers wet in an effort to shrink them a bit
That thing is cool 4est. I loved my 95swb. This is my 2000 has about 10k worth of modifications.
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