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I wonder how these age over time
Hah eton97 we already talked about the high neck its ordered already! Remember you sold me those two derbies..
Why are you selling your cors high neck?
Oh I've got a bunch of stuff from Tassos he's great. Did Tassos ask you about sizing for a 52 a few weeks ago? I know he reached out to one of his customers.
These are the derbies since I think he pulled them from the site. Should be nice and airy for summer months
He just said he isn't going to order from CCP for cusomters anymore
I meant CORS. I ordered from Tassos instead, should be here oct-nov
I asked him to order a CORS high neck from CCP in my size. I get a message that said Rodrigo Apologies No Best Campbell
A selvedge cotton one from last year. Fortunately I'm already waiting for him to send me the invoice for the sliced CCP derbies he's got on there so might be easier to slip something in from nag nag nag if I'm already buying.
He refuses to give me measurements even though I've spent over 5k with him just this year. He gives sizing advice and argues with me when I disagree with it. He tried pushing me into a sz 52 A1923 jacket I finally got measurements from elsewhere and I'm so glad I got the 54 instead..
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