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Thanks for the recommendation, but seems like those shirts won't fit me. My measurements are 16" neck, 40" chest, and 33" waist. One of the main reason I had to go MTM since almost nothing OTR would fit me.   Any input on the pants?
Dry cleaning is really not considered an option for me. If I had done so, I wouldn't have this dilemma :P   Yes, but where? I live in Calgary, Canada, and there really aren't that many options in this city. The very limited amount of tailors here either offer very traditional cuts, or don't even carry any sort of non-Iron machine washable fabric in the first place.
I'm having a hard time searching for this beast for the past 6 months.   The criteria are: - Non Iron/Wrinkle Free (doesn't have to be "absolute" wrinkle free, but you know what I mean) - Machine Washable - Slim Fit   Most of the stuff in the market is generally "choose 2 of the above". Zara - Non Iron, machine washable, but more of a regular fit, even on their slimmest models. Banana Republic - Slim Fit models are really nice, but all these decent...
They didn't show much. Although the pictures shown in the video are indeed the finished products of their stuff. They're trying to start up a company with Kickstarter, so I doubt there would be many pictures.
I recently discovered these guys on Kickstarter, called Arden Reed. An MTM Suit is about 350 bucks.   I know at this price point, I shouldn't be expecting too much, but I'm somewhat interested. Should I give it a try?     More details here.
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