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Thanks for all the replies.   That does seem quite long CruzAzul. Would the sleeves run long too? That might be a bit harder to alter. I'm still curious about the drop in the waist, as it seems pretty much straight down according to the site measurements; I'm a bit perplexed.
Woops, yes, I meant a Large. Wouldn't that be almost pretty straight down though? Coming from a 40" Chest to a 39" Waist. I'm also slightly worried about the chest, especially after the shrinkage. Yet XL seems too big for me on other places.
I'm currently interested in the Rugby's but having a hard time to figure out my size, even after looking at the size chart here: http://www.kentwang.com/about/polos   These are my measurements: Chest 41" Shoulders point to point 18"-18.5" (somewhere there) Waist at the belly button is 34"-35" (fluctuates) Neck 15" (I wear 15.5 Shirt Collars, to allow for 2 fingers) I'm 5'8.5"   Just to add, what does it mean that the waist is 19.5" for a Large?...
So a little bit of an update.   I think I've found a potential winner - Alberto Pants, from Germany. I was at O'Connors in Calgary shopping for some Allen Edmonds, and I brought up my pants hunt dilemma with my SA.   He immediately said, "Oh, Alberto". Turns out the store carried some so I went ahead and gave it a try. I was introduced to a slimmer "Modern Fit", one of Alberto's "Stone" line; I really liked the cut. Not tight or super slim at all, but has a...
Not sure if serious, but if you mean that they are in a circular shape, then yes, yes they are curved...   This is what I meant by straight waist bands:   And this is what I meant when I said the waist bands are curved:
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So I made a visit to BB yesterday to test out these Milano Advantage Chinos.   Tried on a 32 and a 31. - The rise on these pants are quite low, a decent surprise at first. - The 32 is a bit baggy in the legs (but still satisfactory), and a bit of extra room in the waist. - The 31 is a bit tight in the waist, but the legs are perfect. Not to a point that it is considered "skinny", but well trimmed. - The deal killer: When sitting down, the fabric in the rise...
I called Charles Tyrwhitt the other day, and their sizes seems to be huge! I have a 15.5" Neck, so the collars on my shirt is usually 16". The CT shirt with the 16" collar size has a 44" chest! That's way too big. How did yours fit if you have similar measurements to mine? Their waist measurements seems quite big as well, although it does mention it is measured 20 cm below armhole.   I'll be going to BB today to check out the Milano Chinos.
  Ah, never heard of Thomas Pink before. What other brands do you have in mind for shirts? I'm in a rapid process of trimming down. Hopefully I'll hit 32" waist in a month.   Also, thanks for the replies everyone. Seems like a lot of people are suggesting the Milano Chinos from BB. I'm not sure how dressy they are, but I'll definitely go take a look when I pick up my shirts later this week.   As a side note, my office dress code is business casual, just shirt and tie.
Really? They offer pants too? I would cringe so hard if they do. I know they do shirts and suits, but wasn't aware they do stand alone pants. I'm also not too knowledgeable with their cuts and fabrics offered. I guess I'll have to phone them up on Monday and ask.That's what I did for the two pants I currently own as mentioned in the OP. Like I said, they're still baggy. There is only so much you can do by altering the pants. For minor alterations, I'd agree, but if the...
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