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I'm particularly fond of the color as well.  It's far and away my favorite #8 shade of all the shoes/boots I own.  I was convinced the coveted cigar CT's would take the top spot for my favorite boots, but I tend to reach for the Naval boots more.  I just love 'em.  A few more pictures.   
Hey Alden gang -- been away for a bit.  Cleaned up my boots in anticipation of cooler weather even if it is a couple of months away still.  Couldn't resist snapping a few pictures.  Getting excited for the Day Trippers to round out the collection. Leffot #8 Naval, DC Cigar CT, and AF53          
Wearing my first pair of shell shoes ever purchased - faded out Kenwoods.  They need some work after some rain and they need a new soles.  Just like wearing slippers.    
King LWB in need of a cleaning.  Worn 2 to 3 times a week -- always reaching for them over most other shoes.  I've almost considered buying another pair so I can wear them more often...    
I really really love my cigar CT boots from Alden DC, but these are a cut above.  Those will show off patina so well in the future!  Congrats.
I guess Leffot is making a cigar Indy as well?  At least that's what it looks like from their Instagram feed.
Sorry, that came off preachy.  I figured you knew the situation, but I didn't want others to think this was an open order.
Also, these were reserved a long time ago, so the pre-order has been closed for a long time.  It's not a new order, but that it's being filled now.
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