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Oh ok.  It was never confirmed (for me) whether it was all eyelets or speed hooks, but all the past pictures of the day trippers show speed hooks.  Maybe they changed the makeup, but I somehow doubt it.... 
I thought the Day Trippers were speed hooks?  I hope I'm wrong because I would love all eyelets!
Goodbye summer (and the Dovers for now) and hello to fall (and my AF53s).  I think my AF53s might have more rolls than my dovers...    
Unfortunately I'm a 8D in barrie...  Competition is fierce in the 8-8.5D range around here.   
I've been slow to warm up to the PTB (non-Dover pattern), but these pictures are making me rethink things.  I don't know if it's the color, but these look sleeker than the #8 pairs I've seen.  I'll have to jump on them if a pair of Ravello ever pops up in my size.  I'm not holding my breath, but it's good to know for the future.  Nice shade on yours! 
Got some vibram tank soles put on my 1000 Milers.  I opted to have them placed over the existing soles since they were still in decent shape. I think they'll be better suited to rainy/icy weather now.     These are over 2.5 years old and I've put them through a lot.  They need to be cleaned up a little.  Sorry for the crappy pics.    
I appreciate the service you provide.  Carry on.
My very dark #8 LWB from yesterday -- looking forward to them lightening in the future.    
You know, I leave my boots alone for 10 minutes and my pup thinks they're his personal footrest.  I should have known better leaving them in his little patch of afternoon sunshine.  
I think a better question would be: does the widest part of your foot line up with the widest part of the shoe?  Also, does the cap seam rub your toe to the point that it's painful? Even if the widest part of your foot lines up correctly, but you still experience pain then the barrie last might not work for you (or you might need to go up a width).   Apologies if I'm reading too much into your original question.
New Posts  All Forums: