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Just soaking up the sunlight after a few cloudy days.        
Those are lookin' sweet!  Your have retained the more of the distinct burgundy color which I dig.  Let's face it, the rare colors get all the love, but color 8 ages the most gracefully.  
A few more Naval boot pictures, because, well, why not?      
It's just wear and tear for the most part. They were stored in indirect sunlight for a short time, but the color didn't really change much during that period.  Love me some faded out Color 8.
To continue the well-worn boot/shoe theme...  First, Leffot King Naval Boots.         Next, AoC AF53's.  They've been through a lot.         Last, Leffot Dovers.  About to clean them - they see at least twice weekly rotation.  So comfortable.       Enjoy!
Indeed, my friend.  Your post inspired me to break out the cleaning supplies and get after it tonight.  I sometimes forget just how trusty my boots are until I think about all I've put them through.  
Next up for some TLC, my trusty #8 LWB with many many miles on them.  The variations in the hide are beginning to show as the color mellows and lightens.  
It's been too long since the last cleaning.  I spent significant time working the creases and addressing nicks and scrapes.  Some "scars" remain, but I love them all the more for it.      
Thanks!  Mostly just a damp cloth and brushing every few wears.  I apply Reno after about 25 wears or when they really need it.  The cigar boots get a lot more wear, so I try to treat them a little more often.  I've used VSC on the Naval boots, but they get Reno more often.  Other than that I just wear them without too much worry.  I avoid sloppy mud and standing water, but rain and snow are totally alright with me (with the commando sole).
One last cleanup of the season.  My two favorites - AoDC Cigars and Leffot Navals.        
New Posts  All Forums: