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AF-53's under a rare-ish DC snow.  
Thank you sir!  These are definitely my most comfortable boots I own.  It pains me to admit this, but I think the cigars have displaced my #8 Naval boots as my favorite.  I even considered buying a second pair so I could wear them more often...  It's a sickness, I know.
  Thanks gents!  Yeah, there's no helping the cap creasing.  It doesn't happen on my barrie boots/shoes - only on grant lasted.
Soaking up the sunlight.  
Here are my #8 Dovers after a little over a year of heavy wear.   
I learned the hard way as well with some AE shell Kenwoods during a visit to Boston in a snowstorm.  Lesson learned.  
Haha, no - I'm very meticulous about wiping them down whenever I get in from outside.  The white patches is the dreaded "dry" shell that develops on some shoes/boots.  They've been that way from day one.
Happy Friday all!  My Cigar boots have been pulling snow/ice duty and need some TLC.  Maybe I should send them to the Dubs Spa for some R&R.  I'm sure they'd come back lookin' fresh and clean!     
I think it's where the finish has flaked off where the eyelets/hooks were punched.  My cigar CT boots have the same thing going on.  It's a little frustrating, but mine haven't gotten any worse.  Now that there's more wear on the boots it's almost impossible to see.
I'm seeing $691 for the color 8 CT boots.
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