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I just wear them a lot.  I apply a thin coat of reno every few months and re-dye the edges.  That's it!
Haha, thanks.  Others probably have a larger collection, so the wear is spread out over a greater number of shoes.  My other favorite pair, sadly, pinches my toes now for some reason.  I've waffled back and forth about putting my Naval boots up for sale.  It's difficult to think about letting them go, but I don't wear them as much anymore.   
Trying my best to wear them out.  These Cigars go everywhere with me.      
Just soaking up the sunlight after a few cloudy days.        
Those are lookin' sweet!  Your have retained the more of the distinct burgundy color which I dig.  Let's face it, the rare colors get all the love, but color 8 ages the most gracefully.  
A few more Naval boot pictures, because, well, why not?      
It's just wear and tear for the most part. They were stored in indirect sunlight for a short time, but the color didn't really change much during that period.  Love me some faded out Color 8.
To continue the well-worn boot/shoe theme...  First, Leffot King Naval Boots.         Next, AoC AF53's.  They've been through a lot.         Last, Leffot Dovers.  About to clean them - they see at least twice weekly rotation.  So comfortable.       Enjoy!
Indeed, my friend.  Your post inspired me to break out the cleaning supplies and get after it tonight.  I sometimes forget just how trusty my boots are until I think about all I've put them through.  
Next up for some TLC, my trusty #8 LWB with many many miles on them.  The variations in the hide are beginning to show as the color mellows and lightens.  
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