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Cool!  Post up some pictures and I'm sure others can give you some advice if there are specific trouble spots with the boots.  Otherwise, just give them a really good wipe to try to remove any caked on polish or wax.  Then brush like hell.  I've found that 90% of my scuffs have been corrected by doing these things.
I typically use Saphir Renovateur, but there are a number of great conditioners out there.  Less is always more when it comes to shell.  A good wipe-down with a damp cloth and some brushing is all it really needs most of the time.  Less polish lets the natural beauty of shell shine through.
I wouldn't cake more polish on top of old polish to try and lighten them (if that''s what you're suggesting).  I'd remove the old polish and then give them a good suntan for a few weeks to lighten them naturally.  I only use color wax on heavy scuffs or scrapes.  Otherwise I use a neutral conditioner and let sunlight and wear lighten them.  I would imagine that even using lighter color polish on dark shoes would still result in an overall dark appearance.  Maybe someone...
Hey all, new to this thread but not to Filson.  I just wanted to share my newest Filson acquisition - the Adjustable Hunting Coat.  I was able to pick one up at a discount.  I don't think I could've stomached paying full retail at $725.     Overall it's a fantastic coat.  It's weight reminds me of tin cloth, but it's much more supple of the rack.  It's simple, but really functional.  It reminds me of a Barbour on steroids.  Anyway, I included a (crappy) picture of the...
  Thanks gentlemen!  My Alden collection is still modest, but I'm proud of what I do own.
Thanks!  They get a ton of wear, so they've been exposed to a lot of weather and sunlight.  It's caused the color to really mellow on most of the boot.  Great boots even though I prefer commando soles.
Speaking of Naval boots, I just snapped a few pictures of mine.  I know I share them a fair bit, but I'm just so excited to see sunlight again!        
I absolutely love my Daytrippers but reach for the Naval boots more.  Plus, nothing beats how well the Naval boots age.
Had to join in with the Ravello action that's been happening over the past few days.    
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