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Speed hooks aren't a deal breaker for me, but I'd rather have all eyelets (I own boots with both).  I just think it's a cleaner look, but functionally I don't there's much of a difference.  The overall style and design of the boot is more of the concern for me.
I would say wingtips are more dressy, but I think it's debatable.  Depends on leather type, welt, color, etc.
Definitely give Leffot a call.  They can probably tell you if and when they're planning another order.  Maybe you could talk them into another run after the #8 Tankers?
These are exclusive to Leffot and there's only been one run of them as far as I know (there were 2 runs of black shell).  I'm not positive, but I'm fairly confident that they'll get more in at some point.  It could be a long while though...  I think the popular sizes sold out in a few days if I remember correctly.  I think the closest thing to this boot is the J Crew perf. cap toe boot.  I think the differences are antique vs. dark edge and eyelets vs. speed hooks.
Awesome shell shots this morning inspired me to snap a pic of my #8 Naval boots before some cleanup.    
 They look like the Leffot Ravello Day Trippers to me. Very nice!
And another picture #8 Dovers that need a wipe down and brush.  They still have some water spots from a light rain the other day - should brush out with some elbow grease.  
I would also recommend a good boot oil to really replenish the leather.  I use Filson boot oil on my CXL leather boots and it does a fantastic job.  If they're really dry then I'd apply a coat and let sit overnight.  If they're still on the dry side then apply another light coat and see what happens.  Once the leather looks supple then wipe down to get rid of the excess oil and brush.  You should be good to go then!  You can use whatever good leather oil you'd like - I'm...
Ha!  I'm almost embarrassed that I was able to piece that together...  If you're not married to the antique edge then check with Alden DC.  They carry #8 Dovers with a dark edge.  Not sure what sizes they have laying around though.   
I'm guessing you're eyeing the last 9E #8 Dovers from Leffot.  When I size up a width my toes normally feel good but then the heel feels sloppy.  I guess you could throw in some insoles to make them fit a bit better though.  But as Tif said, it all depends how barrie 9D fits you.
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