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My very dark #8 LWB from yesterday -- looking forward to them lightening in the future.    
You know, I leave my boots alone for 10 minutes and my pup thinks they're his personal footrest.  I should have known better leaving them in his little patch of afternoon sunshine.  
I think a better question would be: does the widest part of your foot line up with the widest part of the shoe?  Also, does the cap seam rub your toe to the point that it's painful? Even if the widest part of your foot lines up correctly, but you still experience pain then the barrie last might not work for you (or you might need to go up a width).   Apologies if I'm reading too much into your original question.
Thank you!  I'm taken with the color -- a nice medium to chocolate brown depending upon the light.  Excited to see them age! Thanks!  Yes, it's the DC model.  It was from the most recent batch so they're only a few months old (from late April I think).
A little cigar for me today.    
Speaking of DC Cigar CT boots -- broke these out yesterday for the first time in a while.  Trying to get some wear on them.  I prefer boots to have a nice lived in look, especially in cigar shell.  
Agreed.  Maybe just dye the heel to hide that it's stacked?  I guess I'm confused why a stacked heel is so much different than a vibram one aesthetics-wise.   On top of that, would you even be able to return the boots since you've worn them?  
From what I understand, the Alden DC boot will have commando soles, whereas the Daytripper will have double water lock (I think) sole.  I'm pretty sure everything else is the same.  We'll wait and see how different the ravello shades are from one another.  
Exactly.     I came close to pulling out of the pre-order several times over the past two years.  Once I came to understand the Alden game I realized that the waiting was just part of the process.  It's all about luck and patience.  
Right, this picture was posted at the same time that Alden confirmed production of the Daytripper from 2012.  I got a call from Leffot saying that Alden finally procured enough ravello shell to fill that order.  I'm speculating, but I think Leffot's posting of the picture was more to signify that the boot is finally being made rather than a new pre-order being generated.  I think the few that were able to jump on the order in June were lucky to have been able to do so.  No...
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