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AF53s seeing some snow action.  Still lookin' good after a quick wipe down.    
Pulling some heavy winter wear.  Time for a brush up.    
Thanks, brother!  I know the flex sole is uncomfortable for some, but I think these wear like slippers.  There's something endearing about the copious rolls too.  These guys hang on to water spots though.  But they're only noticeable in direct sunlight.  
One more stroll around the block before these are probably put up for the season.    
 My AF53 are pretty much my go-to bad whether boot.  I have some CXL boots that some would argue are better options for crummy weather.  I don't necessarily disagree, but I just love wearing shell boots.  Once you rip the band-aid off, it becomes easier to wear them in all types of conditions.  These have seen rain, snow, mud, and muck (a few pictures included).  They've even been totally soaked through while hiking through boggy terrain (second picture).  They always...
In honor of Leffot Naval Boot pre-order day.    
Old faithfuls after the Thanksgiving travel shuffle.     
Perfect!!!  Enjoy and wear the hell outta them!  That color is fantastic on those - please post progression pictures when you can.  
This may be one time that I frown against patina.  A Vegas club is no way to build character.  
This is really good to hear.  I live about 10 minutes from his shop and I never knew it existed.  I have some shoes and boots that need freshening up, so I'll have to give him a shout.  I love this thread.  
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