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Looking for a pair of new or like new Moscot Lemtosh in medium tortoise with all correct box/case/papers etc... thanks!
Im hoping some one can help me here...   Im planing on buying a pair of tortoise moscot lemtosh tonight, but dont have a good feeling on the authenticity - seller says they were purchased from a licensed retailer but Im suspicious since he has a few different sizes.  Does anyone have any quick advice on spotting fakes, Especially tortoise ones?  Are fake tortoise not as easy to fake as the black ones? 
  Please make this, would insta buy.  Was hoping something like would be made or that the double rider 2.3 would come back. I've actually been methodically planning on how I should ask if these can be made, almost like a child surveying their parents waiting for the right time to ask for something they already know the answer to but it looks like someone beat me to it. prettty pwease? Also, would you ever consider doing upward or angled zippers for the cuffs like below?  
Jacket looks sick, probably as good as it gets for not mtm. Def one of the better fits ive seen here. I think 2 more inches on the body would be too long.  Btw what jeans are you wearing?  I'm tall too, 6'4, and never really have had any consistency with finding jeans. Can you get away with 34" inseam?  I never have much luck finding 36+ locally and its always guessing game having to order my shit online.   
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