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Very nice.  You kopped them at Leather Soul?
A very affordable €260 (VAT included).  Since you live in Canada you'll get the 21% VAT deducted, so net price is €214.88  However, you would be hit by import duties.  Have a look at the Meermin thread here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/277707/meermin-mallorca-shoes Would love to try their hand welted line but they don't offer them in UK 5.0, and I don't want to pay the MTO upcharge.  
Meermin has a hand welted line called Linea Maestro.  
Order placed.  Many thanks. BTW, would you consider stocking in UK 5.0 as well?
To hell with what others think.  Your liking it is the most important thing. Having said that I think it looks fantastic 
Very nice indeed. How much did EG charge for the resole?
 You are correct - shoe creams should be creamy. Don't know what happened to your dark brown one which looks like a paste to me. BTW, why did you use Chinese characters on a US forum? 
 Yes, JR soles are oak bark tanned.  Thanks a lot.  But would that be limited to just shell shoes?
Wonder if Carminas have oak bark soles?
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