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Awesome. Do you speak Chinese? Don't think the site is easy to navigate for a non Chinese speaker
+1.Why would someone make fake EGs whose customers are much more discerning when it's so much easier and more profitable to make and sell fake LVs and Chanels?
 Here are a few sources: 1. The Armoury, Hong Kong - starts from UK 5.0.  HK$400 a pair when I bought six pairs a couple of years ago.  Alas they now stock Carmina shoes trees instead.  Size 5 currently out of stock. Cheaper to buy directly from Carmina 2  Herring Shoes - I got their old version when they went on sale....
@ MrVenneri - awesome!
Thanks SeamasterLux. Just kopped a pair for my friend.
Not true. The Olfe last is available in a number of oxfords. See here:
Sean Connery's James Bond wears a black knit tie with a light navy suit in You Only Live Twice.
I might try their R1 soles for the next resole
I have a pair of Topied Cheaneys for rainy days. Wouldn't do that to my EGs or G&Gs 😂
Yes, I bought them brand new.We're pretty similar in terms of wearing down the soles of our shoes then.I don't know if it's my gait. After about 50 wears water would seep through the soles of my leather shoes.
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