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G&G used to offer lasted trees until maybe a couple of years ago
Here's a photo of dark cherrySource: here's Nick's description:
Wonder why they don't offer the 10% discount online?
A photo will help
Wonder if the boots are 6E or as the photos show, 6-1/2 E instead?
I'm sure they would, but not sure if there will be a surcharge. My burgundy Inverness bought a few years ago were lighter in colour than the current ones. When I sent them back for a resole, the factory re-finished them to the current darker colour without my asking or any surcharge
Awesome. Do you speak Chinese? Don't think the site is easy to navigate for a non Chinese speaker
+1.Why would someone make fake EGs whose customers are much more discerning when it's so much easier and more profitable to make and sell fake LVs and Chanels?
 Here are a few sources: 1. The Armoury, Hong Kong - starts from UK 5.0.  HK$400 a pair when I bought six pairs a couple of years ago.  Alas they now stock Carmina shoes trees instead.  Size 5 currently out of stock. Cheaper to buy directly from Carmina 2  Herring Shoes - I got their old version when they went on sale....
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