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   @Ilovelobbs - no, all RTWs - G&G, EG, Anthony Cleverley, Church's, Cheaney, Carmina, George Cleverley.  Wish I could afford bespoke. @jdanielca - ignorance is bliss @mimo - thanks. I kopped a pair of shell wholecuts at Carmina at their sale
My friend bought UK 7.5. Shame they don't have anything in UK 5.0
@ilovelobbs and @jl54321 Many thanks. My friend kopped a pair of St James.
If they are mainly for formal occasions then go for black.
That depends on a whole lot of other factors, e.g. your intended use, what other shoes you have
Unless you have an owner who wears a G&G on one foot and a St Crispin on the other, otherwise there will be too many other factors that affect the longevity of the shoes.
Pick stitching
 +1.  Just go to Central and look at how many men who wear their trousers too long
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