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I'm sure that is the reason for their being factory seconds.
Did you get them from Nick?My colleague also got this "limited edition" 😭
Oh, that policy has been in place for quite a while.Plus now they offer "D" and "F" widths on some popular models like St James II without MTO surcharge. One needs to wait 6-8 weeks though
JL for PS Maiden voyage
Agree 100% re right size and width.TD is not bespoke though
[/quote] Congratulations on getting your perfectly fitting pair! And it's a pair of Top Drawer!
Have a look here- they stock sized socks up to UK 13.0http://www.meschaussettesrouges.com/en/
It's called a balmoral shoeThe Balmoral style is defined as:An Oxford with a horizontal seam running across the quarters of the shoe. A traditional Balmoral can also be referred to as a Galosh Oxford.http://oldleathershoe.com/wordpress/?p=173
No. Shoes with medallions are not formal enough
You're lucky. I sent my EG through the local retailer for a factory resole and it cost me a whopping £250! If I go to my local cobbler, it ranges from the cheapest £50 (passable) to around £100.
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