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I can't count how many times I've found native speakers wrongly use "it's" when it should be "its"
Gentlemen, Edward Green finally opened an online shop. Chelsea in dark oak antique on the 202 last is available in UK size 5 with a choice of "E" and "F" widths. But if you're a 5.5E then Skoak has a cheaper pair in 82 last http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/uk-5-5/products/edward-green-chelsea-dark-oak-1
Unfortunately I don't have any experience with Bonafe shoes. Maybe you can email them for fitting advice. They also have an affiliate thread here on SF.Kindly note that the deposit 2160 SEK ex VAT / 2700 SEK inc. VAT is only 50% of the full price. The remaining 50% will be billed before delivery. Think this price is slightly less than Vass but the latter offer shoe trees. As for the price difference vs St Crispin's, I guess the same applies to GYW shoes where you find...
Gentlemen, I am not affiliated with Skoaktiebolaget in any way but want to bring your attention to three GMTOs they are currently holding which offer sizes down to UK 5.0. Check them out here: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/gmtos
I use Hermes Red
Thanks. Great shoes. I'm not sure if they are pre-Prada though as the sock liner has "Milan" on it. Here's one without:
Congrats. Photos will be much appreciated
Are these factory seconds?
Different lasts would more likely than not have different lengths. I understand that the various G&G lasts are supposed to fit the same, so presumably the ball to heel lengths would be identical. But the toe boxes are different hence differences in overall lengths
It's not the nubs or the pads that get worn out quickly, but rather the little bit of leather at the front to the underside of your drivers. My friend learnt it the hard way when he wore his Tod'a out on concrete ground and they were destroyed within a couple of months
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