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12 in the big box and another 2 in a smaller one. Luckily there is no custom fees in HK
Can't agree mmmmoooorrrreeee!Christmas has come early for me and my mates
I got my shipping notification yesterday evening.Nick has always been a wonderful seller and I've bought many times from him. I'm sure he is overwhelmed with orders hence the delay in shipping but at those prices I would not complain at all.
Why oh why aren't they in size 5?BTW, don't think this pair comes from Nick's sale as it includes shoe trees whereas Nick's doesn't
I have to thank her because:1. I wouldn't have bought three perfect pairs at bargain prices had it not been for the liquidation of old stock2. I don't have to save up to buy JLs anymore since her new offerings are downright hideous
A very soft leather designed for comfort and easy maintenance. This leather does not creasehttp://leatherfootshoes.tumblr.com/post/107443319268/john-lobb-romsey-ii-in-moss-green-kendal-calf-a
Patina service starts at HK$700
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