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Red / pinkFor inspiration, see here:
Or replace the rubber part of the heel top piece with a metal one a la Thom BrowneCould be slippery and / or noisy though
Many thanks DWF. I'll heed your expert advice.
Thanks Justin. Do you know what caused them?
Afraid none of them is the original one.From JL St James website:At the beginning of the last Century, William Lobb, the son of our founder, John Lobb, opened a shop in Paris, at 47 Faubourg St. Honore, where it remained until 1976. It was run along the same lines as our shop in London, but with its own craftsmen and to the same high standards.
No, I just tried them on for a while in the office and then stored them in the box. The spots are not flat - when I run my finger across them I could feel them
Thanks PParker. They were not there when I bought the shoes so was thinking I could somehow get rid of them. It has never happened with all my other shoes, G&G included.
Bought these G&G Oakhams a couple of years ago but never had a chance to wear them. Finally got round to launching their maiden voyage but to my horror found that the upper developed many tiny pimple like spots. Tried brushing them vigorously to no avail. Any idea how to get rid of them?
Thanks a lot my man! MH71?These look like old stock with the old logo.
Awesome. Wonder if you could snap a few photos and post them to the G&G thread please? Many thanks.
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