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I have a pair of Topied Cheaneys for rainy days. Wouldn't do that to my EGs or G&Gs 😂
Yes, I bought them brand new.We're pretty similar in terms of wearing down the soles of our shoes then.I don't know if it's my gait. After about 50 wears water would seep through the soles of my leather shoes.
Thanks Nikola.About 3 years ago. Once per week
Exactly like those of a brand new pair (I paid extra for the toe plates)BTW, just dug out EG's email - repair charge is £205 + £40 shipping
Think it's about £200 plus postage.I just had my Inverness recrafted for around £250 through my retailer in HK
I love your sense of humour 😜
Your daughter's smile is priceless.
I wouldn't normally pair midnight with navy but since it's your daughter who asked you to do so, to hell with normal colour coordination 😂
Please see here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/53792/nevada-calfhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/110978/churchs-appreciation-thread/150#post_7969231
Any pictures of the soles please? Thanks.
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