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Reno'Mat is for stripping old wax. Absolutely no need to use it every time you shine your shoes. Otherwise you would be subjecting your shoes to very harsh treatment.
Why would they abandon their core competence? Makes no sense at all.I just called them up and yes, they still make shirts
Here's a video on a half sole replacement: http://youtu.be/DR5yogwrItg @DWFII - would a half sole replacement be better than a full sole one since there is smaller disturbance to the shoe?
Wish they were my size 😭
Think the up charge vs stock models is around £200. You can check on G&G's website: http://made-to-order.gazianogirling.com
Here you go
@snapehead No, I would not call the Forest last sleek Check out the Rain last here; http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-work-wear
No, your tailor won't be able to patch over that hole. Try invisible mending. Not sure of the results given where the hole is though
The material is stated on the shoe box. Anyway, according to Mr Porter, they are made of buffed leather http://www.mrporter.com/en-hk/mens/churchs/houston-leather-chelsea-boots/629146?ppv=2 Buffed leather: Leather from which the top surface of the grain has been removed by an abrasive or bladed cylinder or, less generally, by hand. http://www.leatherresource.com/terms.html
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