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 I love the spectators.  Will they be available in UK 5.0?
 Do you mean: The Exclusive range of AS is much nicer in terms of finish than the benchgrade. I'd say the soles are nicer on the AS Exclusive than even the handgrade C&J. 
• Made on an F64 last
My bad. Thought you were 11.5 E UK
Pictures missing mate
They are indeed. http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2014/04/bodileys-shoes-john-garners-london-collection.html#.U0sao-0ay0c
+1. Nick is exceptional in his knowledge and service. I bought all my G&Gs through him
Of course you can,Munky, but afterwards you won't want to use that same brush on your tan shoes
 They probably took this pair and added the JL logo: http://shopties.com/shop/oxfords/leather-shoe-paul-parkman-mens-reddish-camel-medallion-toe-oxfords/
US$1?  You gotta be kidding
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