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Maybe get the suit in French Navy which is lighter than navy and definitely could go with your tan and cherry shoes?
Since you are commissiontng your suit, why don't you choose side tabs instead of belt loops? You never have to worry about matching belts.
NIB G&G Antibes. Flush metal toe plates installed. Shoe box and bags included. Will ship worldwide.
Up for grabs is a pair of brand new G&G Antibes loafers in UK 8E. Colour is vintage oak. Flush toe plates have been installed. Includes box and two G&G shoe bags. Worldwide shipping included.
 Hi Philo - the jacket is best left for pairing with matching pants 
I'm not an expert either but here's my two cents. Don't pair your tan shoes with a navy suit - it just doesn't look good as you would look top heavy:  I would wear dark brown or burgundy: 
 Unfortunately the only St James II on sale at Bespoke England are: 1. "St James II" in Vintage Oak Calf - (MH71) - Final Sizes 5 & 12 http://www.bespoke-england.co.uk/products/st-james-ii-in-vintage-oak-calf-mh712. "St James II" in Polo Suede (TG73) - Size 7.5D (Narrow)  http://www.bespoke-england.co.uk/collections/end-of-line-shoes/products/st-james-ii-in-polo-suede-tg73-size-7-5d-narrow
 +1 St James II in vintage cherry was what caught my eyes when I first looked at G&Gs and I have never been happier owning them.  OK, they are not as versatile as a pair in vintage rioja but you need a pair of kick ass shoes! Plus I believe they derived from a pair of bespoke shoes:  http://the-shoe-aristocat.blogspot.hk/2012/02/gaziano-girling-shoes.html
Patrick, I'm sure you can.http://www.humanleather.co.uk
 Bespoken pa - my pleasure.  I also opted for a pair in 888 in dark oak.
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