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Thanks J.My fully lasted TG 73 trees:
Depends on how deep those scratches are. As M635Guy said, a picture would help tremendously.Having said that, there is a recent example over at the Edward Green thread:Before:After:
You need a much darker coloured cream. I once had a pair of tan brogues with the colour faded over a few years cause I used only neutral back then. My cobbler suggested a very dark chocolate. I was very skeptical but it worked like a charm.
One size down from USMore size references here:
Well, by definition a Halloween costume is just that. You won't be able to wear it on an everyday basis. I suggest you try the Chinese robe, called cheongsam in Cantonese, which you see a lot in Kung Fu movies:
A thawb: you can get one here:
GG06 is similar to EG's 202. The Skoak offer is too good to pass
It's $275 for one pair or both?
Nice kop mate. Shame they don't have my size.
Me being a miser, I just use old shoe boxes 😂
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