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 Look like there's not enough space at the insteps?
Or 5.0 F width please!
Why don't we compare G&G and EG at Skoak? SEK 6.240 vs SEK 5,920. Just 5.4% more
But that exchange rate argument applies to EG as well
Carmina is having a sale of small / large sized shoes: http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/index.asp?outlet=1   This pair is available in UK 5.0 & UK 5.5 http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/articulo.asp?idarticulo=5387042
 JPY660,000 = US$6,470.  That's bespoke prices.
The EG shoe trees I bought came in a box labelled size 5 D/E. Given my small size it's very difficult to find generic trees. The Armoury doss sell its own branded ones in size 5 at US$50 but the difference is not that big, so I opted for EG trees
I totally agree with you. EG shoe trees are nowhere near G&G's in terms of aesthetics. In addition, the ones I have are for D/E fittings, so not as good as G&G who offer specific trees for each width.
Yes, they are quite expensive , I must admit. But so are G&G shoes.
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