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Nope. EG states the fitting in UK size, so these would be UK 10C, which are very narrow
Which model is it?
Can't believe they are still available
That's ridiculous. Why don't you email them?BTW, on my PC, the price shown is £310 and clearly stated as ex-VAT. Either they charge a handling fee for taking the VAT off, or differential pricing:
Deco shoes originally came in Deco black only, with the toe area bleached to give an antique look a la Foster & Sons. F&S offers the fading service at £125 some time ago, not sure if the price is higher now.
The prices on Cheaney's website are already VAT free
Many thanks. That's excellent value for money!
Very nice.May I know how much the resole and the toe tap cost individually? Thanks
Thanks J.My fully lasted TG 73 trees:
Depends on how deep those scratches are. As M635Guy said, a picture would help tremendously.Having said that, there is a recent example over at the Edward Green thread:Before:After:
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