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Black wax
How can you mirror the whole upper when the wax cracks in the area which flexes?
 Any chance for 3 piece boot trees?
Vintage Cherry is my favourite of G&G's colours. Depending on the light it even has a slight orange tint.
My bad, sorry. Didn't know EG increased their second prices so drastically.
I'd rather pay a bit more for a pair of Edward Green Chelsea
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred G. Unn View Post New EG black captoes, 202 last, UK 9.5E/US 10D, $640 Factory seconds at this price? Seller must be joking
DW, is that because with toe plates sitting aloft you don't have to skive off a piece of leather and thus have less chance of damaging the thread attaching the sole to the welt? My cobbler uses nails on the non flush ones and I'm not sure whether screws or nails are better.FWIW, my flush toe plates are very quite but the non flush ones are noisy, especially on marble floors
Are trees available?
Is item 8 still available?
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