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Same. But the cobbler just stitched over the old welt without using the old holes so not that nice. But at 1/4 the price of a factory resole what can I say 😭
Oh, me being a miser I had them done by my local cobbler. in hindsight I should have opted for factory resoles
Tom, Church's shoes are very well made and the pair you bought is their Custom Grade, which is their premium line. I've got a pair which has been resoled 4 times and is still going strong.
Looks like 9.0 in G width on last 73. Can't figure out the model name on the last row of the inscription. Would you have a photo of the sock liner? If it carries only "London, Paris, New York" without "Milan", there is a high likelihood that ithe shoes are pre-Prada
 Quote: Square-toe shoes: the most sinful combination of words in the English language, as far as most women are concerned. Apparently, this footwear faux pas can cost a man his respect, his reputation, and even, in some cases, his ability to “seal the deal”—his footwear becoming the sartorial equivalent of erectile dysfunction, so to speak. “We were in this guy’s bedroom and all I could think about were the terrible square-toe shoes he had worn to dinner,” recalls a...
My friends and I ordered a total of 18 pairs and 14 were shipped in December. Nick just informed me that of the four pairs outstanding, he found two which would be shipped shortly. I think the chance of finding the remaining two is rather slim
 This is the old style Prestige line:  This is the new one: 
Sorry to hear about the heel slippage. I have that on my only pair in size 5 too 😞BTW, there are a couple of boots in size 5.5 on sale at the Carmina online store. I like this one:
Not only is the yellow box no more but gone are also the top pieces on the heels sporting the JL logo. 😡
Depends on what kind of help you need. If it's just a simple case of getting them polished and shined, here's a good tutorialhttps://vimeo.com/73165825
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