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The colour issue on your second pair can be easily remedied with a bit of polish. Easy DIY job As for the first pair, the slashes are probably caused by careless cutting of the vinyl cover of the shoe. Shouldn't be too deep. At this price I'd ask for a discount rather than take the hassle of shipping them back
No experience with this pair but have a pair of black wholecut Ferragamos. While very sturdy shoes, the stitches on the welt are not very refined and the welt is very wide compared to my English made shoes.Why don't you have a look at Alfred Sargent's Armfield? Channelled stitching with a very tight waist. Available at AFPOS with free lasted shoe trees and free delivery. Very good value especially with the cheap sterling...
Good stuff. Shame they are not my size
I would be extremely happy with just a factory resole if it costs only 1/5 of the price of a brand new pair
I beg to differ. They offer these discounts to the general public, not targeted specifically at people who are looking to resole their shoes.Plus if the shoes need a resole, then I don't think they would fetch much on eBayPlus one of the reasons I opt for a resole is that it's more environmentally friendly
That is exactly why I agree with Zapasman that the shoemakers, especially high end ones, are charging too much for a resole, which is 1/3 to the cost of a brand new pair. As you point out, resoling a pair of Edward Greens shouldn't deviate too much from that for a pair of Alfred Sargent, but in fact it is around double (EG charges £205 vs AS's £126)I don't know how the shoemakers come up with the 1/3 rule but it seems excessive to me.
Oh, that rule applies to spectators with white only.
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