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 JPY660,000 = US$6,470.  That's bespoke prices.
The EG shoe trees I bought came in a box labelled size 5 D/E. Given my small size it's very difficult to find generic trees. The Armoury doss sell its own branded ones in size 5 at US$50 but the difference is not that big, so I opted for EG trees
I totally agree with you. EG shoe trees are nowhere near G&G's in terms of aesthetics. In addition, the ones I have are for D/E fittings, so not as good as G&G who offer specific trees for each width.
Yes, they are quite expensive , I must admit. But so are G&G shoes.
I never understand why anybody would want to buy non G&G trees for their G&G shoes. They are the best looking and fitting lasted RTW shoe trees I have come across. Surely G&G carries them in your size?
A little bit of history of Edward Green from an interview of Andrew Murphy who's now with Foster & Son: My next step was when I left New & Lingwood to start the Edward Green brand of ready to wear for retail. Edward Green was a shoe manufacturer, they’d never run their own store. So in 1991, when John Hlustik was the owner of Edward Green and he decided that he wanted to start a retail business, everybody around said: "Don’t do it, you are manufacturer, you don’t know...
My wallet is glad I'm in Hong Kong but my feet begged to differ
 It will be all over SF.  See this thread for the one in 2012 http://www.styleforum.net/t/307959/edward-green-drakes-pop-up-sale And some photos here: http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2012/07/edward-green-and-drakes-sale.html#.U6qy4JSSw1I
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