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AC's heels are cut much smaller than others say JL but not sure if the heel cups are that much smaller.And I hate to disappoint you but AC starts from UK6.0. Leathersoul used to carry the line starting from 5.0 but they had liquidated all their stock
My beater Cheaney two eyelet Derby:
I'm sure that is the reason for their being factory seconds.
Did you get them from Nick?My colleague also got this "limited edition" 😭
Oh, that policy has been in place for quite a while.Plus now they offer "D" and "F" widths on some popular models like St James II without MTO surcharge. One needs to wait 6-8 weeks though
JL for PS Maiden voyage
Agree 100% re right size and width.TD is not bespoke though
[/quote] Congratulations on getting your perfectly fitting pair! And it's a pair of Top Drawer!
Have a look here- they stock sized socks up to UK 13.0http://www.meschaussettesrouges.com/en/
It's called a balmoral shoeThe Balmoral style is defined as:An Oxford with a horizontal seam running across the quarters of the shoe. A traditional Balmoral can also be referred to as a Galosh Oxford.http://oldleathershoe.com/wordpress/?p=173
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