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If I'm not mistaken these are boot trees
Go to Best Skills in Causeway Bay:https://www.facebook.com/bestskillhongkong
 You might also want to be a Foster shoe: 
Dear Foster & Son,   It is a shame you resort to sex appeal to sell your shoes.  
Landale Street.Have you tried Beef & Liberty burgers?
Of course. Just don't button the lower button.
I beg to differ. From what I understand, a retailer typically marks up the factory price by at least 200%. Lets take EG as an example as I don't have any JL RTW. £680 means an ex factory price of £230, and they are charging (last I checked) £185 for a recraft. That's just £45 less than a new pair.
Maybe get the suit in French Navy which is lighter than navy and definitely could go with your tan and cherry shoes?
Since you are commissiontng your suit, why don't you choose side tabs instead of belt loops? You never have to worry about matching belts.
New Posts  All Forums: