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 May I know why?  Also, does it apply to dress shoes as well?
 Looks very likely.  Can you unload photos of the insoles and the markings inside the shoes?
 Those are for the Year of the Horse!
Apologies for the lousy iPhone photo: 
I got the Bodin in burgundy, which is a darker than my EG's. I also got the Thomas in chestnut and the Reuben in tan. I really shouldn't have bought so many but hey, it's not every day you come across a retailer discontinuing a line and offers such a bargain. Plus I couldn't get them anywhere else except MTO cause even GC carries them starting from size 6 and I'm a size 5!
Did you get them from Lether Soul? Mine were only half off but came with lasted trees. I would have kopped the Chow (my surname!) had they been available in my size
 WSW, they are beautiful.  But why aren't they in their lasted shoe trees?
Do you know why shoes on the Inca last cost €60 more?
Steve - you are a good man.  Well done!  
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