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  See this article Why Brummell Would Choose Jetted Pockets in A Suitable Wardrobe 
Even UBS allowed women to wear pant suits in its much ridiculed dress code:        
  G&G shoe trees are almost twice as expensive at £138.00 per pair vs Edward Green's £72 
Why don't you try EG as they sell via email and are cheaper at £72 (£60 ex-VAT)? Not sure how much they charge for shipping shoe trees though
They are the best lasted shoe trees I have ever come across
Why is using a cotton ball cheating? Ethan of the Armoury is seen using it I this video.http://hk.asiatatler.com/style/fashion/why-gentlemen-should-polish-their-own-shoes
Also, call in advance.  The EG factory shop is not open everyday.  Details here: http://www.northamptonshireleather.com/pdf/factory-shoe-shop-directory.pdf
So which one did you end up buying?
No black brogues?
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