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Indeed.  Very nice colour.  However, you notice the cracks in the leather towards the heels of both shoes?
Have you guys really only been getting around 2 resoles from your shoes?  I have come to expect 4, maybe 5.   [/quote] I have resoled my post Prada Church's four times
Try this: http://www.styleforum.net/t/236162/gaziano-girling-appreciation-shoo-porn-theard/8670#post_6402822
I'm all for burgundy - more interesting than brown. http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2010/06/burgundy-shoes-where-hell-are-they.html   As for pairing the burgundy loafers with your summer wedding outfit, I don't think the colour is a problem.  However, you might want to make sure they are dress loafers rather than the more casual ones.    And congratulations on tying the knot!
These have only four holes for screws but the shop is based in the UK: http://www.leatherandgrindery.com/lulu-toe-plates-metal
Check this post: http://www.styleforum.net/t/78888/toe-metal-protectors#post_1324856
Benhour, it's Japanese. Google translate doesn't do a good job translating it into English, though
  My two cents: 82-E = last 82 E fitting, RNDTOE = round toe,  EMBAUCHOIR BOIS = wooden shoe trees; F = F fitting, T:7 = size: 7   Don't know why the boots are "E" fitting but the trees are "F" fitting though.
My apologies - I haven't bought from CT for quite some time.  You are right - there is a price discrimination against non-EU customers and until they change this policy, they will NOT get my business any more. 
Same with Thomas Pink, although they put it slightly differently.  They argue that they have different prices for local UK customers and international ones and it just so happens that the difference is exactly the VAT!  I only buy from them when they are on sale and ask for free shipping which they sometimes agree to.    Other retailers, e.g. Charles Tyrwhitt, TM Lewin, offer full VAT deductions.  
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