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Thanks Roger. Could well be my first pair of Carmina ūüėú
Roger - what about the other shoe in the background?
Wonderful!  Please post photos of your new pair and the shoe trees.  
Steve - when would you start stocking UK 5.0 please?
 Any chance of returning them since they have not been worn?  The shoe trees might be partly to blame but then it could be the leather not being of good quality 
 I echo mimo's point about not removing the buttonholes - depending on the fabric, most buttonholes will display indentations if the buttonholes are removed. Depending on the quality of your Canali jacket, you can ask your tailor to open the buttonholes.
 It's UK size 10 in "F" fitting on last 73.  Can't make out the word stating the model but the shoe itself looks like Chetwynd.  It's a very old pair as evidenced by the half linen / half leather lining.  Last 73 has long been replaced by last 100 which in turn was replaced by last 173.  My understanding is that you can still get them made with their MTO programme.
Totally agree. Baby pink socks would be nice
 Crockett & Jones Hand Grade vs Main Line - It's all in Two Weekshttp://www.crockettandjones.com/News/Index/Crockett-and-Jones-Hand-Grade-vs-Main-Line---An-extra-two-weeks#.Ui8PN9Jmg6Z
Do your Loakes exhibit the same kind of creases? Could be the way you walk. My understanding is that seconds mostly contain errors that have nothing to do with leather quality, e.g. A crooked toe cap, difference in colour between left and right shoe. My experience is that Church's last a lot longer than Loakes. In any case, shoes, regardless of leather quality, crease after wear, so enjoy them!
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