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Fat chance. You're flogging a dead horse
Zapasman, you are not alone. I have a pair of black Consul in bookbinder which I wear on business trips - they look good after a wipe with a damp cloth 😂
+1 on the Inverness in burgundy on the 888 last. My first and favourite pair of EG
Can you please post photos of the shoes instead of stock photos? Many thanks
Do you mean this one?
@leather2354 You can always get a pair from G&G directly:
Dude, that's because the discussions on the pricing of various tailor shops provide useful information - we have the names of the shops and sometimes photos, just as in the case of Empire. Your constant promotion on Baotaus without names or photos unfortunately does not provide useful information for us to have an intelligent discussion on the forum.Declaration of interest - I am in no way whatsoever associated with any tailor shop.
I beg to differ - at least 3 inches on the lapel.Also, it's the "notch" that is too high, not the collar
What do you mean by having trouble breaking them in? You're sure you got the right size?
US$900 for a belt?
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