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Juan, I note that your Balmorals don't have the "Custom Grade" insignia. Could it be that they are the regular line model?
Agree with Nikola. Plum museum is an awesome colour and since you're ordering the Chapels might as well get them in a colour that's not readily available off the rack.
Absolutely beautiful. Would have bought a pair without a second thought had they been available in size 5.0
I would have instant kopped them had they been in UK 5.0!
How about a full sock liner?Those Vass look absolutely lovely. Congrats!
AC's heels are cut much smaller than others say JL but not sure if the heel cups are that much smaller.And I hate to disappoint you but AC starts from UK6.0. Leathersoul used to carry the line starting from 5.0 but they had liquidated all their stock
My beater Cheaney two eyelet Derby:
I'm sure that is the reason for their being factory seconds.
Did you get them from Nick?My colleague also got this "limited edition" 😭
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