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Sorry to hear about the heel slippage. I have that on my only pair in size 5 too 😞BTW, there are a couple of boots in size 5.5 on sale at the Carmina online store. I like this one:
Not only is the yellow box no more but gone are also the top pieces on the heels sporting the JL logo. 😡
Depends on what kind of help you need. If it's just a simple case of getting them polished and shined, here's a good tutorialhttps://vimeo.com/73165825
Is it summer or winter weight?
Hi Nelson,Can't really say - I defer to the experts here. If they are your first pair, I'd say just wear them to determine how fast you wear down the soles. You probably can get them resoled at the factory for 1/3 of the price of the shoes
They called it "Polished Binder".I don't get why people are so upset with polished binder, and some even attributed it to cost cutting by Prada. Church's offered them pre the acquisition by Prada. In addition, it's not like they offer shoes only in polished binder. They actually provide a wider choice to consumers, some of whom would appreciate the easy upkeep of polished binder, as a previous post pointed out
That depends on your gait. I wear down the tips of my shoes very easily so it's a shoe saver for me. My friend doesn't bother cause he wears down the heels.1/5 of the price of the shoes is an insanely high price. I'm sure there are cobblers who could do it a lot cheaper. If you live in HK it costs you around US$30
Washington DC maybe?
Lucky you! I couldn't get the Westbourne in purple
It depends on which British makers. For EG and G&G, I find they are snugger fitting than C&J or Church's. Most people take a half size bigger in the former two brands.
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