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Here you go
@snapehead No, I would not call the Forest last sleek Check out the Rain last here;
No, your tailor won't be able to patch over that hole. Try invisible mending. Not sure of the results given where the hole is though
The material is stated on the shoe box. Anyway, according to Mr Porter, they are made of buffed leather Buffed leather: Leather from which the top surface of the grain has been removed by an abrasive or bladed cylinder or, less generally, by hand.
See here:
@mw313 Is it the finishing or the leather itself? I see quite a lot of veins here
Here are mine paired with grey PoW flannel
They are all Oxfords so don't think they differ much in terms of formality. I love my St James II in vintage cherry and they are my first pair of G&Gs. However, the colour doesn't work with dark coloured trousers so may not be as versatile as vintage oak or vintage Rioja. But then it doesn't really matter which pair you choose as I'm sure once you have your first pair many more will follow 😄
Congrats!If it's a boy you can name him Edward and if it's a girl you can name her Dove then 😂
Mr. K, I agree with you that the welt looks wider in the refurbished shoes and thus not as slim looking as the originals. Could be because the leather stretched width wise in the originals and thus hid a part of the welt and on refurbishment the shoes were relasted bringing them to their original widths and thus made the welt more apparent.
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