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Just stumbled upon this post:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/21179/rm-williams-boots-everything-you-wanted-to-know#post_281152
I don't have any experience with RM Williams but here's my two cents:   1. The RM Williams boots do not have a stitched seam below the elastic band on the side.  I assume this makes the lasting a bit more difficult and hence is rarer - I only see it on G&G.   2. The Church Beijing is part of the City Line which uses lower quality material than that used in their Custom Grade line.     3. If you decide to buy the Church Beijing, other online retailers offer a lower...
 Just came across this piece: EDWARD GREEN SHOE TREES – MYTHS AND FACTS
 Your wedding?  If yes, congratulations!
  In time for the wedding on 15 May!
Unipair- Gentlemens Shoe Boutique     www.unipair.com   We are happy to answer any questions you have!Carmina, Edward Green, Paraboot, Alden, Trickers, Crockett & Jones, Jalan, Stefano Bemer Then please delete them from your signature! 
Then why don't you attack ties? They do not serve any real purpose, are purely ornamental and get in the way. Following your logic we should ban all ties.
 G&G - the best RTW lasted shoe trees I have handled (no experience with Vass or St Crispin's), but they are damned expensive.   
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