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How much does it cost to resole a pair of RTW G&Gs?
 Why don't you try EG directly?
Yes, just give them a call or email them as they do ship overseas. I've bought a couple from them.
Have you tried Suot Supply? Their shoes start from European 38
+1. While I cannot comment on which last fits the OP better, the minimal difference in pricing will argue for the Armfield due to better materials.  In addition, if the OP wears half sizes, the Armfield has the added advantage of having lasted shoe trees in half sizes, so he does not have to settle for smaller trees.  
The G&G webstore includes trees with the shoes, but Edwards of Manchester don't, so you are not comparing apples to apples. Having said that, it does look like Edwards are still selling old stock and not updated the new prices.  
 I bought a pair of RTW black Chelsea on last 888 a couple of years ago.  Maybe you should ask the EG store to see if they have any left
 Yes you are.  G&G now includes shoe trees with their shoes.   Take the example of St. James.  They used to cost £615 ex VAT.  Shoe trees were £115 ex VAT, so in total £730 ex VAT.  The new price of £770 ex VAT represents a 5.5% increase to people who would buy the trees anyway. 
 Wonder why the initials are upside down?
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