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Can't agree mmmmoooorrrreeee!Christmas has come early for me and my mates
I got my shipping notification yesterday evening.Nick has always been a wonderful seller and I've bought many times from him. I'm sure he is overwhelmed with orders hence the delay in shipping but at those prices I would not complain at all.
Why oh why aren't they in size 5?BTW, don't think this pair comes from Nick's sale as it includes shoe trees whereas Nick's doesn't
I have to thank her because:1. I wouldn't have bought three perfect pairs at bargain prices had it not been for the liquidation of old stock2. I don't have to save up to buy JLs anymore since her new offerings are downright hideous
A very soft leather designed for comfort and easy maintenance. This leather does not creasehttp://leatherfootshoes.tumblr.com/post/107443319268/john-lobb-romsey-ii-in-moss-green-kendal-calf-a
Patina service starts at HK$700
 Who else!
 I kopped a pair of in purple suede and another in grey museum calf.  I actually prefer purple museum for the calf but Nick didn't have my size.  Am thinking of getting a custom patina job done by either Dandy Shoe Care or my local artist if the grey museum colour doesn't work out for me. Here's an example of the work done here in HK: GC Cleverley Reuben:  After patina:   Given the rather light colours of the JL for Paul Smith shoes, I'm sure a custom patina would look...
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