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It's in Pedder Lane and the stall is 梁錦㼱織補。
You may want to ask this guy. Not sure if he has before photos though:http://www.styleforum.net/t/423376/drop-gaziano-girling-cambridge-in-vintage-rioja-calf-dg70-smart-round-uk10-5e
If I'm not mistaken these are boot trees
Go to Best Skills in Causeway Bay:https://www.facebook.com/bestskillhongkong
 You might also want to be a Foster shoe: 
Dear Foster & Son,   It is a shame you resort to sex appeal to sell your shoes.  
Landale Street.Have you tried Beef & Liberty burgers?
Of course. Just don't button the lower button.
I beg to differ. From what I understand, a retailer typically marks up the factory price by at least 200%. Lets take EG as an example as I don't have any JL RTW. £680 means an ex factory price of £230, and they are charging (last I checked) £185 for a recraft. That's just £45 less than a new pair.
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