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Which model is it?
Can't believe they are still available
That's ridiculous. Why don't you email them?BTW, on my PC, the price shown is £310 and clearly stated as ex-VAT. Either they charge a handling fee for taking the VAT off, or differential pricing:
Deco shoes originally came in Deco black only, with the toe area bleached to give an antique look a la Foster & Sons. F&S offers the fading service at £125 some time ago, not sure if the price is higher now.http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2014/03/foster-sons-new-antiquing-option.html
The prices on Cheaney's website are already VAT free
Many thanks. That's excellent value for money!
Very nice.May I know how much the resole and the toe tap cost individually? Thanks
Thanks J.My fully lasted TG 73 trees:
Depends on how deep those scratches are. As M635Guy said, a picture would help tremendously.Having said that, there is a recent example over at the Edward Green thread:Before:After:http://www.styleforum.net/t/291745/edward-green-appreciation-pictures-info-and-where-to-buy/28050#post_8538499
You need a much darker coloured cream. I once had a pair of tan brogues with the colour faded over a few years cause I used only neutral back then. My cobbler suggested a very dark chocolate. I was very skeptical but it worked like a charm.
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