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Probably a translation error. If you switch to French on that website, the name of the colour is Havane, which is tobacco brown.
A two piece suit with an extra pair of trousers in a basic English fabric at less than what Gurkmeja101 paid for his MTM commission
Really? Please re-read what he said:"I've previously done 2 MTM back home and they both cost med 10,000HKD+, I've ben really happy with them and now I want something similar, but if I can get it for a cheaper price here in HK I'll be more than happy.If it's I'm sure Gurkmeja101, while not really happy, would be more than happy.
Try Dream Bespoke - Ricky is a super nice fellow and I'm happy with all my commissions.
Have you looked at Church's? It offers extra wide fitting (H) up to U.K. size 13, although a pair would set you back by more than $500
Your tailor and your hand-presser are correct.
I use shoe bags only for long term storage which means the shoes including the soles have been cleaned thoroughly.
I'm sure he meant two, not second
The lighter colour in the last two photos is probably because the photos were taken outdoors with natural light. BTW, tho shoes are not vintage cherry but "Dark Cherry" Here's an explanation of how the colour came...
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