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I looked through a lot of the fabrics that Luxire had, but couldn't find the following ones (sold at Black Lapel):  
Quote: I'm on the small side (5' 6" 140lbs) who used to wear Milano/ESF in BB so I'll be trying out the Tokyo fit first. Do you know which store in Tokyo has the most variety? I know there are a few but I was planning to go to the one near Ginza out of convenience.
I've been a huge fan of BB shirts but the prices are just too hard to stomach now.   I'm visiting Japan next month so I'm excited to pick up some Kamakura shirts. I heard they sell them at ~$50 which makes it an incredible deal. Hopefully I'll be able to try the various fits in store (especially the new Manhattan model!). I have a feeling I will be coming back with a suitcase full of shirts.   I bought a shirt from Proper Cloth when BB prices started to rise but I...
 When they return the clothes back to you, they cover shipping? At first, I wasn't sure if I should use the duplicate measurements method for sizing but now that I think if it, I guess it is worth $20 to get it right the first time and not end up with shirts that  require additional tailoring.
When is the cheapest time to get solids for Brooks Brothers shirts now?   If I''m not mistaken the corporate discount no longer works on the 3 for $x deal. At $92 each and only a 25% discount, it's still $70 a shirt. At that price, I'll stick with some NYC MTM companies (I need to alter my BB shirts at tailor).
Isn't the ongoing Columbus Day sale better than the Corporate discount now? Both are 25% and the Columbus Day sale doesn't restrict you to only full-priced items.
Any word on when the next 30% off corporate sale is? Has been a while since I remember one.
There are two different cards: 1) Corporate Card (you sign up through a company), 2) Brooks [Credit] Card (you need to apply for this store-branded credit card).   The first card, the corporate card, takes 15% off full-price purchases ANY TIME. About twice a year, there is a corporate sale which doubles the discount to 30%. This card's discount stacks with Brooks Buys (3 for $225 Shirts, $2 for $129 Pants, etc.) but not for any items on sale or clearance.   The...
During the corporate sale at BB, I can get 3 shirts for around $56 shipped each (Shoprunner). Compare that to 2 shirts for $79 each shipped (free delivery over $138). At BB, you also have the choice of non-iron vs must-iron.   For around $80, I'd go to Izzy in NYC and get some decent MTM shirts. Since you save money from having to tailor your shirts, you can upgrade to around $100 fabric.   Just my two cents.
Does anyone know the SA that normally posts here? The previous one, Mr. Webb, no longer works at his store and I need someone to hold some items aside for the sale on 12/26. 
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