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Firstly,they are a 10,secondly,do I want to sell the pair of boots that I travelled from Nottingham to London to buy only a few months ago? Errrrm..............No.    
Both of those lots of boots are smart.I actually prefer brogue boots to brogues.    
  Alright Jason.I`ve got a pair of the solovair brogues,I like them but you are right they do have a tendancy to hurt my ankles aswell after wearing them for a while.  
If you have a look at post 6302,I posted a picture of some oxblood brogue boots with leather soles.I bought from Blackmans in Brick Lane,east London.They are made by NPS,who are the same company that produce the solovair boots.They should be about £150 but Blackmans do them for £75.
I tried to upload my previous picture and it did it,but then flashed a message up about not being on here for long and then it dissapeared without me getting time to read the rest of it and it didn`t post it.Thats why i used photobucket,  
Regarding Blackmans,I bought a pair of oxblood brogue boots from there just before Christmas:   Got them for a really good price-he buys a lot of stuff in bulk from shoe makers when their orders are low and then sells them at a really good price.I got these for £75 and a simalar pair in Brit Boot company in Camden goes for £150.
  Hello Alan   I bought this pair of Brogue boots from Blackmans just before Christmas last year..   Great little shop with plenty of quality shoes in there.Apparently,he goes to big shoe manufacturers like NPS in Northampton and buys large quantities of shoes from them when orders are low. Then sells them at really cheap prices.These boots cost me £75,they sell in BBC in Camden for about £150. I liked your contributions to British Style Genius and The End-enjoyed them...
Just a quick hello,as I`m new here.I`m 40 and I`m from S.E London originally but now I live near Nottingham I was put onto this site/thread by Roy and as a result,I`ve been reading this thread with interest for some time and thought it best that I join up.I`ve been into the skinhead style and lifestyle since 1986. And before that I was a young Mod(very into my clothes though and spent a lot of Saturday job/paper round money on them back then) for a few years.   I`m...
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