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Totally agree about the cringeworthy phrases 
Welcome along Mike.
These looked half-decent from that Atom site,being as original ones are hard to find....   Would have been nice in brown or beige...
In regards to the Levis sta-prest,Mikkel Rude has told me that he is in the process of re-producing a version of them made to the same spec as the Empire Made 60`s ones.There will be a couple of minor changes such as a lower rise to fall in with how most of us wear our trousers these days,but most of the other details will be true to form.    
    Cheers for posting that,I thought it was long gone.
It seems like this page is getting back on track,with the original fellas chipping in again with old stories-nice one lads,this is why I come on here for this stuff.
There`s quite a few vintage reggae/ska do`s on up and down the country,with most of the punters being in the 45+ age range.It`s usually a proper vintage sound system playing original 45`s and the dress is smart with a lot of original clobber being worn.There`s a big one on in Southend this weekend and a big one in Leicester in May. On the 6th and 7th of July there`s a big do on in Margate aswell.....  
Great introduction/post  
Definately queers,always thought those pictures were too posed aswell as the obviously too tight jeans.
Pretty good article on Suedeheads:
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