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    I was lucky enough to come across this very,very nice original 1960s Ben Sherman in A1 brand new condition.In a totally different class to todays Bennies but sadly in a size 14.5 collar so clearly no good to a bigger chap like me.I ended up selling it but I hope I come across another one one day...
Glad you like it mate 
I used to have a black pair that were made for wearing outside,with a more durable sole,when I was at school in the early 80s,they were popular back then 
I tried to iron a crease in a couple of times and it took me an absoloute age and still didn`t look right-fuck that! It takes me ages to iron them normally,so i`m not standing there longer than I have to,just to put a crease in-smart or not.
Agreed.Lifes too short for ironing creases in jeans,although quite a few skinheads do and if i`m honest it does look smart.
Bald punk eh? No wonder you got kicked off UK Skinheads forum.
Alright mate,hope alls well in sunny Spalding 
An original 80`s skinhead? A real,true one? Wow,I`m impressed 
The Squire Shop(with a small write up and picture) and Rosemans Tailoring are both depicted in the inlay sleeve notes and pictures,of the Reggae Pressure cd album.
Not all the 90`s ones were like this Harry.Merc just off Carnaby Street were still selling Ben Shermans in the early to mid 90`s with full sewn in box pleats aimed for the skinhead market...           Although Merc stated that they were just like the 60`s ones,clearly they are not,but they were decent shirts and the best new ones on the market at that time.I did have 2 of them,but I`ve just sold one to a mate last week that sadly didn`t fit me right,but in my...
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